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Created : 15-Jan-2005 2:44:44 pm
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Danelle is me or rather I am Danielle (I didn't realize until I tried to log back in that I'd left the "i" out.) Garfon. I am Trent's twin sister, younger by twenty minutes. This is a fact he refuses to let me forget too.

I am in my second year of college and I play Dungeons and Dragon's in my spare time. Diesa is my character in the game and I decided to try writing her here. It is almost the same, but I have to use more words here since you can't see me to show how I react. That's a bit harder, I think.

Because I am in college I won't get here often in the summer. Trent and I have one computer at home so we both can't do  as much as we can at school. So if I vanish from time to time don't worry. I've just lost access to a computer. It shouldn't be often and I'll try to let everyone know in advance.

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Diesa StoneHeart