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Steve is a newly awakened daemon. He was born to a human mother and lived as a norml - if fleet footed - human for his first eighteen years. One day while he was crossing the street with his girlfriend, he was run over - on purpose - and left for dead. His girlfriend used her cellular phone and dialed 911. Steve lived long enough to die on the operating table in the hospital. That's when his life took a twisted turn. He was reported dead, then he revived, only to begin regenerating as his body replaced the dead human DNA with complete copies of his father's daemon DNA. Steve didn't know he was a daemon spawn; he'd been raised by human foster parents. He escaped the hospital as his body completed its transformations, only to face a world that thought he was a monster - and thought the person he had once been was dead. As luck would have it, Steve found two people who believed his story and led him to a place where he could hide among people who would take care of him. Eventually, he met up with his father, adapted to his new body, and began learning to use his inherent magical powers. Now, Steve is traveling, exploring the broader world his father's heritage has opened up for him - but he is still hunted by those who tried to kill him, stalked both in his dreams and in his waking hours. No longer looking even remotely human, Steve has accepted that his life will never be as it once was - even though he still misses his foster parents and his girlfriend. Physical appearance: I now had two pairs of arms, a third pair of arm-like legs in addition to my now thoroughly non-human legs and feet, with two pairs of bat wings that were large enough to actually carry me in flight. My face was lengthened into a sort of muzzle, with an odd mixture of dentition, some of it seemingly oversized. My eyes - gone were the deep emerald irises, replaced by golden orbs filled with dancing emerald flames. Only my hair seemed right - it was curly, blue-black shot through with metallic reddish-orange copper highlights. My forehead now sported a short pair of matching horn nubbins - heavy and thickly ridged, hinting at growth to come. Sprouting from my butt was a long tail, slender and strong with a mind of its own. My ears were slightly larger, pointed, and motile - I could rotate them this way and that to hear what was going on. Worse yet, where my manhood had been, there was this slightly bulging thing, with an odd vertical fold that seemed to have interlocking fleshy teeth forming a seam. I later discovered it was sort of a protective pocket for my manhood - much to my relief. I lifted one arm-like leg, examining the hand/foot it ended in. There was a thumb and two clawed fingers, then a length of what might have been metatarsea, ending in what looked a bit like a cloven hoof. The underside of the hoof-like structure had a thick, rubbery pair of pads - maybe for gripping rocks and getting good traction? Twisting, I then looked at my legs. They were designed like the hind legs of a mostly quadrupedal creature, ending in a clawed thumb-like digit several inches above two hoof-like toes. These too had thick rubbery pads protected by hard hoof-like nails. If my anatomy was any clue, the lower half of my body indicated I was meant to climb and run over rough terrain. My wings seemed to indicate a built-in safety - a fall from heights need not be fatal if one could fly or glide safely down. The extra arms with retractable claws would be useful in climbing - or grasping some kind of prey animal - and my teeth indicated I was capable of eating a wide variety of food sources. As for my tail; it seemed strong and supple enough to use as a prehensile grasp. As I puzzled on this, a new conundrum happened - part of my chest split open with an audible "pop". It looked like some sort of pocket; only in my flesh. Inside, I saw a faceted gemstone flash as it caught the light - and any time anyone tried to reach inside, the pocket snapped closed over the gem.the gemstone housed my life energy - my soul. As long as that was safe and intact, I would survive, no matter what happened to my body. BUT, he also told me that if ever anyone else got my gemstone, I would become their slave - until I could get it back. Because they could REALLY hurt me by damaging the gem; even destroy me forever. Which is why the gemstone's pocket wouldn't let anyone touch it. About this time, I noticed another, more subtle change in my body. Just below the layers of my skin, a new layer of something was forming. I asked my father - who Manni called Hess - about it, and he touched my arm before answering. Turns out, I was growing a protective layer of cartilage in overlapping segments - to cushion bones and prevent blades, claws, and fangs from harming me. It also would give me some protection against gunfire and other missile weapons - but only some, until I got older and it became tougher. The layer was between my skin and muscles, protecting my insides invisibly. I poked at it, wondering just how such an adaptation came about. I had an internal skeleton; more extensive and articulated than before, and now I was growing something akin to an exoskeleton.
Forgot to put my height in here. Steve is 6'4" tall, with double wingspans of 16' tip to tip. He looks like he weighs more than he does, weighing in at roughly 240 lbs.. Note that if you track Steve, you will be seeing SIX cloven hoof prints, even though Steve only has four legs. Each hind leg ends in a "foot" having a clawed thumb-like digit and two long "toes" each ending in a cloven hoof. See the picture above for more details.
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