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The girls and me

I am a 39-year old mother of two daughters (Emily, 10, and Sophie, 7) and live in Springfield, Oregon. I have been married for nearly 14 years and my husband works for Peterson Machinery in Eugene. I graduated from college in 1991 with a B.A. in Mass Communication/Print Journalism and a near double minor in Military Science and English. I was born in Seattle, Washington and had lived in various parts of western Washington until shortly after my marriage when Jeff and I moved to Las Vegas where we lived for six years before moving to northern California in early 2003, and then west central Oregon in late November 2005. Yes! I live in the beautiful southern end of the Willamette Valley!

I love to write, dig around in my garden and take lots of pictures with my Kodak digital camera and my Nikon N50 35mm camera. Occasionally I manage to read a book or two, and despite my passion for writing in the fantasy genre, I prefer to read mysteries and suspense. I do actually have a paying job outside of the home and consider myself to be part-time, occasionally employed by a fantastic public agency called Willamalane Park and Recreation District where I watch the building at night and on weekends for special events, and occasionally even cause a minor ruckus as an office assistant during the weekdays at Willamalane's various activity centers.

Galain Alcarin was simply a name when I first began roleplay writing several years ago. In fact, Galain didn't even have a surname for about two years. I write many characters, but my Elen elf will always be my first writing love and interest. Conor, Glory and Mak run close seconds and take their turns respectively.

You will rarely find me on AIM or any of the other messaging programs, but I'm always available via email at zvanoizu@hotmail.com.

If you want to find out who I really am I blog daily at http://www.xanga.com/Zvanoizu

writes the following characters

Adarin Alcarin
Alaric Donaver
Ardril Telma
Avathar Alcarin
B'Ryen D'Riel
Brandon Urdrul
Brienne Urdrul
Bryen Urdrul
Cadan Alasse D'Riel
Conor Urdrul
Darttur Inarban
Delanna Alcarin
Elena de Goncalves
Elerina Alcarin
Eos Alassë D'Riel
Eustace Niedermayer
Galain Alcarin
Galain Kheran (Tepes)
Galain Tyrel Alcarin
Galen Alcarin
Gareth Alcarin
Gloraelin Alcarin
Gwladus Hafgan
Hunter Urdrul
Iavan Alcarin
Jaiden Alassë
Jason Mallory
Jesse Dalton
Kerensa Alasse D'Riel
Lancel Urdrul
Lantry Urdrul
Makilnar Alcarin
Mirë Urdrul
Morgan Rinduran
Nicholas Haven
Rai Aishwarya
Silmë Urdrul
Silyen D'Riel Faris
Summerlin Alcarin Nightfall
Tirion Tirno
Wilwarin Urdrul Alcarin