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Created : 14-Nov-2004 3:40:26 pm
Last Edited : 11-Jan-2008 4:00:08 pm

I guess I have a mischievous streak in me, considering that my writer's name is a girl's. But then again, in my eyes, the apogee of one’s writing abilities is the ability to write any role well. Each character to me is a proverbial mask that I put in front of my face, changing the way I view things and they way others view me. I hope that the day comes when I no longer need to pick up a mask to write somebody, but rather can make the transition seamlessly from reality to the world in which I write. It seems that our creativity, our muse, is one finicky girl, sometimes here, sometime not, prone to take vacations. Maybe she’s not taking vacations, but is really driven away from me by what I do. Hopefully someday she’ll no longer leave me, but rather walk in me, guiding my hand in all I do.

I wish I could claim that I was at this since the beginning, and have always been with it, but like an errant lover, I’ve strayed often. I was there under a different guise back when The House of Elf first opened the Green Heart Inn and the Hall of Imlandris. My writing was piss poor and very first person, but then again, what could you expect from a freshman in high school? I was at the Cag’ right before thescifivine.com closed, lied my way in, changing my whole writing style into the precursor of what you see now. Strangely enough, the one thing that’s stayed the same for me has been writing with this group of people.

I’m a West Coast sailor, transplanted to the East Coast, 3 years in, 3 years left to go. Nobody big, no officer or chief, just the ubiquitous petty officer second class, sergeant for you none navy types. I’m no dig-it, no hoorah for me, just your citizen sailor, working the 0600 to 1400, Monday through Friday, five days a week, and sometimes weekends. Was supposed to be an astronomy major, but wound up a engineer instead. College is out there, somewhere. Keep smiling is all I’ve got to say.

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