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Admin Title: Drake Silverwing
Real Name: Fred
Marital Status: Married
# of Kidlets: Three
Occupation: Retired
Xanga Address:
Drake Silverwing

Location: Michigan

Brief Bio:
I started writing stories at the early age of fifteen, after reading a book about Dragons. After that, I was hooked, as I started writing about one Knight and his Dragon.

Drake ‘Cole’ Silverwing, and his Silver Dragon.

Soon I was writing and not doing my homework. Instead I daydreamed like all children, until I found girls. After that, my writing was put away for a number of years.

After I became married, having three children, did I start to write once again. My children loved hearing about the adventures of my Knight and his Dragon so much so, that I begin to explore the web. I got a computer and could not believe that there were people out there that write the same things I were writing about. My first stop was at alt.Dragons Inn, a newsgroup that I stumbled across one day. I wrote there for well over five years until one day I came across a name on AIM, and I read her bio. She was a writer too, and sent me to
CAG. I’ve been there and to a number of other boards since.

I still write, with well over fifty stories completed, and a few that are still in the works. But now I write with a number of great writers, all that have inspired me to do more and expand my mind far better than I ever thought possible.

writes the following characters

Alyx Silverblade
Angel Snow
Angus Mcfarlan
Aran Silverwing
Celeste Fae
Chesterfield the First
Dallas Blackwell
Dara Cole
Dax'lana LaCrox
Dec'ember Ny'tte
Drake Silverwing
Emily LaDuff
Haylie Windsong
Jack Cole Steelhand
James “Colt” Darrington
Kara 'Little' Havenlock & Argon
Kilpatrick Jones
Lacy En'runya
Lady L Athena
Lariel Vandal
Lucinda and Jonas Rosewood
Lucretia Thestral
Mitch Grayson
Odin Muldoon
Oren Slade
Quinn Kane
Redd Rose
Sabre Cole
Serrena Sparrow
Tennessee Hunter
Tigra Swift
Walk with Spirits "Walker"