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Willow Silverwing

Real Name:  Deidre but just call me Dee
Occupation: Program Administrator (from publications to webmaster) for a state agency

Email: deewillow@aol.com

AIM: WillowMerlin1

Just a Brief Bio:

Not going to say how old I am, but I do have grandchildren. I love to read, write, do some sketching and quilting. That is me, in a picture taken September 2008.  Yep, the white hair is slowly making its presence known.  I refuse to color it...snickers. 

SalemI also have a very special feline friend by the name of Salem, who is my buddy and companion.

My bookshelves contain everything from fantasy to mystery with a pinch of Sci-Fi thrown in. But you will find me reading fantasy more often than not. I collect dragons and now have a couple of fae.

I haven’t been writing for that long, but a lot of stories have passed through my mind and never made it to paper. Then I was directed to visit an online writing community a few years ago called the SciFiVine, which is now gone. I found myself hosting a board there and carried it over to Ezboards.  From Ezboards I brought my World to the Bardic Web.

Writing with others has been a wonderful and growing experience for me. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would and have made some truly wonderful friendships.

One of the things that I have learned is even when you don’t feel like writing, do it.

Now, you will find my main character, Willow Silverwing along with Drake Silverwing weaving tales with others at Merlin Palurin en' Templa (The World of Merlin). We look forward to seeing others join in with their creativity.

Drop in at the Dragon Inn and introduce yourself.

writes the following characters

Alisha LeAve
Alison Quartermaine
Angelique Quell
Aspen Hawk
Danielle (Fae) Windsinger
Deirdre Wyvern
Desiree Bree
Dorothy LeFly
Elaine Gravnor
Furlough Arlen
Gweneth Granville
Hamish McLoughlin
Jeremy Brisky
Lea McFarlan
Lolindir Elanesse
Ly'Anna El'Haie
Maire Windsinger
Marcus Ethan Cole-Silverwing
Mordo the Wizard
Raoul Quell
Raven Thorson
Sadie Jenkins
Salem Rothchilde (the wizard)
Seth McDougal
Sierra Silverwing
Sigurd Eld (Muldoon)
Trent Jamerson
Willow Cole Silverwing