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Created : 26-Apr-2004 4:23:02 pm
Last Edited : 5-May-2007 8:50:17 pm

Welcome to the Family Trees, this website is for the characters of the Bardic Web, it offers writers a way to keep track of who is related to who as well as family history for some characters that may not work into the actual biographies. To access the Family Trees please follow this link: The Family Tree

If you would like to have your character's family tree added, please contact Shadow Silverleaf at shadowsilverleaf@bardicweb.com (or click on the name) with the following information:

  • An outline of the family tree
  • An image representation in one of the following
    • An attached image (The name of the actor/actress is not needed)
    • A link where the image can be found (The name of the actor/actress is not needed)
  • The sex of the entry if an image is not being used (a simple male or female will do)

Each CHARACTER is the property of their writer, names and pictures have been used when provided. The image representation of one character may be used to represent another, if this happens and you don't approve, please contact the writer by using the Inbox at the main website and work something out, do NOT draw me into it unless the situation has been resolved.(I will not be held responsible for such cases)

Note: You MUST have a reference to the tree in the subject line of your email.

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