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I've always been a bookworm. I remember often hearing my grandmother grumbling about how useless it used to be to take television away from me when I was young, because I would just go bury my nose in a book. Even now, I feel odd without a book in my hands or nearby. I read everything from romance novels, like Nora Roberts and Christine Feehan, to horror, like Stephen King and Anne Rice, to fantasy and childrens books.  I admit it, I've read the Harry Potter series numerous times. 

The first fantasy book I can remember reading was a part of a series, called "The Secrets of the Unicorn Queen". I can't remember the author offhand, but the books have stuck in my memory, possibly because I never did read the last two, since I was probably 11 or 12 years old. I've always been fascinated by unicorns, dragons and faeries, so finding fantasy books was like coming home.

I found the Sci Fi Vine just before it died, literally. But while I was there, I was lucky enough to find the Castle, and then the House of Elf and the Cag. When we moved the boards to Ezboards, I stuck along, though I've had a few absences off and on. That was almost nine years or so ago, that I joined this group of writers, and I am thankful for it on a daily basis. When everything in my life has crumbled around me, writing has always been a stable escape, and this has been a wonderful way for me to improve my skills in that area.

In 2006, I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in History and am currently looking at going back to school to get my teaching certification.

I currently live in Pennsylvania, with my husband.

Email: storme_98@yahoo.com

AIM: Storme98 or MysticalBellator

MSN: rayne_storme@hotmail.com

writes the following characters

Alasse Celeblasse
Alatariel Modar
Alessia Bellator
Amilyn D'riel
Artolius Bellator
Br'ytha D'riel
Brianna Tel'Quessir Corinth
Brianne de Valois
Briara Thorneton
Calliandra Bellator
Carrick Alcarin
Cellisa Bellator
Conlan Alcarin
Griffin Templar
Jamilyn (Jemmie) Corinth
Kaelan Tel'Quessir Celeblasse
Kerensa Davan Thorneton
Leilia Bellator Crows
Leuthil Celeblasse
Luthalion Celeblasse
Melaina Alcarin
Meleria Bellator
Mordred D'Avalon
Mystical Bellator Modar
Rhyan Corinth
Selina Lindar
Tiwele Modar