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Created : 2-Sep-2008 2:32:15 pm
Last Edited : 2-Sep-2008 2:39:15 pm

Hello. I usually play rpgs; but I'm taking a break from that to try my hand at something a little different: writing.

Poor Finley - he's been through a lot, before I found this place. He was attacked by an elder vampire, Embraced, and abandoned to his fate; then later he got captured by the Technocracy, suffered experimentation and implantation of all sorts of nano-machines at their hands, escaped, and found his way back to his own people - who finally managed to rid him of the Technocracy's nano-mechs and the curse of vampirism.

Be nice to Finley. He's had a hard time.

writes the following characters

Finley Oshea (O'shea)