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Created : 4-Jul-2008 9:41:37 am
Last Edited : 4-Jul-2008 9:55:22 am

An unabashed fan of the Star Wars universe, Tim Armand grew up in a house where the world of George Lucas was revered. Books, games, and movies - all incarnations of the SW universe - abounded, and many were the happy Halloween nights spent clad as one character or another.

Many were the science fiction conventions, too, where happy days and nights were spent among like-minded people from all walks of life. Discussions filled the hours, covering subjects as far-flung as space ship design, weapon systems, xeno-biology, philosophy, and costuming.

After lengthy chats with several writers attending these conventions, Tim began dabbling at creating his own little corner within George Lucas' universe. Discovering the limitations of writing within another person's copywrited world, Tim set aside his creative endeavours...

Until now.

Leaving the confines of George Lucas' beloved universe, Tim has begun venturing forth, taking a select character or two into a whole other realm... online.

writes the following characters

Troy Arvak