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Created : 7-Oct-2007 4:43:05 am
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Here I go by Bordella. Most other places Winter or Winterheart. I'm a seasoned experienced writer with bad case of fat finger. LOL I have a habit of leaving out words and scattering typos everywhere so I'm a dedicated editor as well as writer.

I've got websites and forums and am an avid player of the best thoroughbred horse racing sim on the net at DerbyFever.com. I live in Southern California but I'm a native of Northern California. I live with my husband of 9 years, my 18 yr old daughter and 2 tamed marmalade tabby feral cats named Dum Dum (aka Dummy) and Swirly.

I tend to make my own graphics and host my own stuff. Can't really go anywhere new on the net like a forum or message board or chatroom without first making my avs and sigs. LOL I guess it comes from having been out here in the cyberworld for 13 years...since 1994. BTDT with most stuff on the net. I barely go anywhere new now. I stick to what I know and like.

Meh. I guess that's about it. If you've got questions email me...I'm sure I've got a answer! LOL

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Bordella du Mordain