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Created : 14-Sep-2007 11:00:17 am
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Hi there!

I'm a writer-artist, self-taught, unpublished, and just getting into the online scene.

I've read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, some horror, and freely admit I'm looking for the first viable escape route out of my world and into almost any of the ones I've read about - or, better yet, the one I'm creating.

I don't do much gaming - video or otherwise - and am just getting the hang of being online. I am playing around with some old computer imaging software, learning to touch-up and add to my hand-drawn artwork. I've gone to a few sci-fi/fantasy conventions, and played in one or two LARPs there, and done a couple of stints playing in an RPG.

I probably have more time on my hands than I should. I will be working part-time later this year in a small local ceramics business.

I like celtic artwork and knotwork designs. I have a few favorites I use to aid in meditation exercises, finding the complexity of intertwinned paths soothing. It helps deal with life.

I am setting up my geocities webpages, someplace to put my art and story as I write it. Page one is up, mostly an intro. Webpage creation and design is also new to me, but why not give it a try? I have the time, may as well use it.

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