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Created : 14-Jul-2007 12:48:09 am
Last Edited : 8-Jun-2008 12:25:20 pm
Me? I'm unusual, to be sure. I like reading long books and listening to classical music (don't worry, I like rock, too). I dream, and I write. I'd like to think I'm patient, but I'm really not. I'm a good listener, and I do well when learning new things. I also like cats, purple, faery tales, chocolate milkshakes and impossiblities. I'm not sure what my voice sounds like, but it is quiet; some of the games I love best are monopoly, solitare and Virtual Villagers, and I like butterflies immensely, although I don't collect them. And that is what you probably ought to know about me.
writes the following characters

Bittersweet Rowaan
Kia Moreau