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Gradient Mystic

 I was born in 1981 the last day of the year so my age changes every year so i dont see a point in putting it here. In my life i have learned that things change opinions, life styles, and the norm today is not the same as the norm ten years ago the only thing I do know is that my life has always included writting, reading and a combination of the two. Where I live that can be a dangerous combination so I have always espressed myself as blackangel not becuase im an angel but I hope that my writting will be preceived as graceful.

Real Name: Maggie or Maggz

Marital Status: non existent
# of Kidlets: none
Occupation: Phone Monkey
Website Address:
Still working on that one
Email: witch_105@hotmail.com
Yahoo: gradientmystic@yahoo.ca
Msn: maggie.lockman@gmail.com
Location: Canada


 gradient mystic

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