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Alpha-27 Green-4 (aka Alphie Green) as seen at Eidolon Medical center shortly before her disappearance

Designation: Alpha-27 Green-4

Known Aliases: Alphie Green, Midori Ichi, Rebecca Holcroft

Primary Method of Service: Meteor VTOL Fighter/Bomber Dual Theatre Aerocraft / Interplanetary Craft Pilot

Secondary Method of Service: Capital Class Transport vessel pilot

Tertiary Method of Service: Engineer's Mate (Propulsion and FTL)

Age: 6

Apparent Age: 25

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Race: Rank, 4th Generation, geonome type Caucasian

Sex: Female

Current Staus: Inactive, Fugitive -- contact 13th Military Police Brigade if found -- DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPREHEND WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.  SUBJECT IS ARMED AND TO BE CONSIDERED DANGEROUS.

Rank: Lieutenant, junior rank (note: all rights of rank are suspended)

Wanted for: Deriliction of Duty, Engaging In Counter-Productive Activities, Disobeying The Direct Orders Of A Superior Officer, Striking A Superior Officer, Entering A Non-Authorized Area, Absent Without Leave, Willfully Entering Demilitarized Zone,  Violation of Article 15 of the Treaty of Cydonia.  Theft of Rank Command Property (AP-27 semi-automatic pistol, VTOL Field Repair Kit).

Alpha-27 Green-4 -- Alphie Green's official designation to the Rank -- is a criminal among the unwanted, but our story doesn't start here.  It starts in the end of the 23rd century.

The Rank started out a cloned race of workers genetically engineered for hazardous, backbreaking duties -- mining on the Moon, piloting radioactive waste to the depot station over Io, cleaning the Biohazard Zone near Pyongyang.  No longer did humans need to risk their life when the manufactured workers of various companies would do it cheaper and faster.

That was until the war.

Not only were we not alone in the universe, we were not tolerated.  The Mitani moved quickly after the first few colonies were struck down -- leaving little in the way of survivors.  The cry from Earth was loud, but no one wanted to die on some cold rock.  No longer did humans want to risk their life... not when the manufactured workers would do it cheaper and faster.  The fabled First Generation were given a minium of training, had their tools changed for rifles and sent to the front.  There were few survivors, but the lessons were learned.  The Second Generation managed to minimized their losses, even gained a little ground.  The Third Generation -- built from the gene up and taught through sleep-learning to be efficient soldiers.  The tide of the war turned swiftly under the merciless Third Generation.  When the war ended, the survivors asked for only one thing: a home of their own.  They took three planets that had fallen into their control, renaming them New Mendel, Eidolon and Erandi Prime in the Erandi system.

The compaines revolted at the idea -- they were propery and property doesn't dictate where they live.  The first shot was fired in a dramatic fashion.  The fusion bomb completely destroyed the city of Eidolon, the capital of that world and an industrial center.  Every citizen again put down their tools and picked up their weapon.  An army of several million, the largest gathered army in history, attacked their former owner with the same ferocity that won the previous war.  Even the most optomistic person believed that this war would follow the same track as the last one.

The companies were not stupid -- they built in several weaknesses, including sterility and allergies to various chemicals... however, it was a publicity nightmare when the clouds of sodium dilithopiate turned course and decended over a mobile hospital for the corporate soldiers or the nanites that targeted the Rank's high iron blood also targeted innocent humans who happened to live in high altitudes.  The Rank also had a high sense of honor which the corporations targeted with dim results.  Enermy hopsital ships were escorted through held Rank space (including the famous ship Weinstock of the famous Weinstock incident, which had as one of its escorts a certain Alpha-27 Green-4) -- often times meaning duels with fellow Rank soldiers who had decided that total war was to be fought -- even when the hospital ships turned out to be troop carriers.

The war ended with a bitter truce.  The Rank would retain their planets and a space of twenty-five light years, then there was a buffer space of 2 light years between Rankspace and Earth controlled Civspace.  Now the Rank are in a race to unlock the key to fertility.  The Commadant-General of the Rank has added new captial crimes: engaging in counter-productive activites has been added to deriliction of duty, espionage and killing a superior officer without cause.

Now, let us consider poor Alpha-27 Green-4.  While the Rank body may be a perfect physical specimem, the heart of this woman is not.  She couldn't stomach the idea of lying with anyone -- especially a male merely because she had been ordered to do so.  Slipping out on a transport vessel and crossing from Rankspace into the neutral area, she is a fugitive.  She is a stranger in a strange land.  Humans from Earth will kill her because she's Rank.  Rank will kill her for her crimes.  What is a genetically engineered, super-soldier trained to not only pilot Meteor VTOL and Captial Class transport vessels, but fix them as well to do? 

Run, obviously.

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