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Created : 14-Apr-2007 8:22:25 am
Last Edited : 14-Apr-2007 8:32:02 am

Hi. I'm not sure how to do this, but here goes.

I'm Grady, and I usually play RPGs. I go in for playing the character personnas. A friend gave me the Bardic Web URL, and suggested I give it a try, so here I am.

My first character here is Ukzhahendar, from one of my RPGs. He's starting out young in part because that's the only way the GM would let him into the game. I like Ukzhahendar's attitude. I'm almost finished with my attempt at artwork for his avatar; just a pencil sketch with ink and color pencils; nothing spectacular. Maybe six hours total work on him, maybe up to ten hours. Once I get it completed, I'll put it online and use it here - and on Bardic Web, and anywhere else he wanders off to.

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