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Real Name: Anny
Occupation: Writer & Artisit
Website Address: Elen Sentier

LiveJournal Address: Elen Sentier
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Location: UK

Owl's FeetMy name is Anny, I live in the old Island of the Mighty, or Clas Myrddyn, as Britain used to be known – and no, it’s not just England :-). I’m a writer, shaman/teacher and gardener, share my home with a nutty weirdo, my husband, Paul – see pic, us with out Owl Slippers *g* and him after picking poppy petals for a magic brew for the garden.

He's deeply into practical magic – and does it. He goes by the name of Myrddyn 007 as he has a passion for John Dee who was the original 007 in Walsingham’s secret service for Elizabeth I.

Where I live is a between-worlds place in the Welsh Marches, called the Golden Valley which is bung full of old Celtic and Arthurian connections, including our own Merlin-story of a magical, fatherless child called Dyfrig (Google him find out more) who is supposed to have crowned Arthur at Caerlyon.

My body currently suffers from all sorts of chronic diseases – based around rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes – which got me medically retired from a high-powered computer boffin job back in 1992. Whilst this was a financial blow, it freed me up to do transpersonal psychology, train with Caitlin Matthews and start writing full time, so I’m deeply thankful to Otherworld for getting me out of that money-grubbing rut *snickers*.

Paul with PoppiesI’ve got a couple of shamanic books out, a novel and some short stories under my writing name of Elen Sentier, see www.elensentier.co.uk. I lost my fiction publisher who went bust and so am chasing for an agent … arrrggghhh! I enjoy round-table writing and role-play, it keeps me on my toes and means I can get to know like-minded folk around the world – thank the gods for the internet too. I’m also part of Critters, an internet writing group which is also very stretching and good for the writing ability as well as the moral fibre, if sometimes crushing to the ego *g*.

Favourite authors include: Ursula Le Guin; Terri Windling; Karen Travis; Liz Williams; Roger Zelazny; Mary Gentle; Susan Cooper; PD James; Dorothy Sayers and Alan Garner. Other favourites include Jack Vance. Ray Bradbury, George R R Martin, C J Cherryh, Tanith Lee, Anne McCaffrey and Sherri Tepper. My favourite poets are TS Eliot & Ted Hughes (a modern British shaman as well as our last poet laureate) neither of whom I could not live without; Tom Gunn, Sylvia Plath and the Liverpool Poets.

Musically I adore the Stones, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Cream, jazz, blues, Howlin’ Wolf, reggae and R&B. On the other side I love Mozart, Beethoven (especially the quartets), Ravel, Mussorgsky, Bach, Prokofiev and many others. I love mediaeval music too, troubadours but not plainsong! Breton pipe and drum music always gets me going as well. I’ve a very catholic taste.When I’m not writing you’ll usually find me out in the garden. We garden biodynamically see www.peagreenboat.co.uk for more on that. Or you’ll find me being and/or teaching shamanism, see www.peagreenboat.demon.co.uk.




Goldy, Queen of Cats


  • Goldy, Queen of Cats, now gone to the Summerlands.










Spatt !!!

We share the place with the cats as well, currently two girls, queens in every sense, Isoldé who is white-n-tabby, and tortoiseshell Olwen. They get on fine but they do enjoy a play-fight *g*. Last year we lost our "Old Man", the Big Ginger, Morningstar, and miss him very much still.











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