Writer Details - Karl Tosscobble

Created : 17-Dec-2006 5:19:29 pm
Last Edited : 17-Dec-2006 5:20:18 pm

What kind of name is THAT, "Tosscobble"?

I get that a lot. It’s an old name, from somewhere in England. Some of my ancestors probably were known for throwing rocks.

I’m an aspiring writer - don’t tell my friends - who enjoys an occasional RPG, and would leave everything I know behind if I found a way to move into the worlds I love reading about.

Meanwhile, in the "real" world, I mark time, punching a time clock so many days a week, watching my paycheck run off to pay my bills. Every so often, I go in to work, and they send several of us home for a week or two until things pick up again. I’ve been at this a little over a year now, and I hate it. It may pay the bills (barely), but this isn’t living!

My starting character here - Nolan - is a perverse guy from a twisted background. Call him the embodiment of my rebellion against life. He’s different; not the sort of guy people who know me would expect me to write. He’s my challenge - if I can write someone this different, yet make people want to know him, then I must be doing something right.

The image for Nolan; I don’t draw. I freely admit to using a stock line drawing of a human male as the basis, adding on to it and adding color - ink and chalks. I asked a friend to scan it in for me, and played around with it trying to make it look good.

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