Writer Details - Suzanne Knight

Created : 21-Jun-2006 12:53:21 am
Last Edited : 22-May-2007 1:33:58 pm

New York, USA

Old enough to know better.... but ...

Has an abnormal obsession with Vampires

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writes the following characters

A'Rukar Nault
Armani Xandu - Posts written by J. Best
Aurora Sloan
Byron Sagan
Dezmond Molaric
Faith Hawking
Garrett Madison
Katrel Pantera
Nickola Knight
Quimbley Polter
R'Edar Nardin
Rauldac Sagan
Remington Bellatar
Salvatore deLuka
Sandra Moore
Shalimar Stamos
Shane SkyWalker
Shanna Khor
Travis da Darkstar