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Known as: An'Thaya Blackthorn or Y'Roden D'Riel
Marital Status: Married 14 Years and then some
# of Kidlets: One Daughter
Occupation: Internet Related
Website Address:
Email: Y'Roden D'Riel
AIM: AcronymphBW
Location: Canada

Brief Bio:
When I was a small child, my father's idea of a bedtime story was reading Shakespeare or Edgar Allen Poe, in addition to Grimm's Tales and of course Hans Christian Anderson who was a Dane and therefore a must, seeing as my Father is a native of Denmark. As a child I could always be found with my nose in a book, mostly stories of horses and such, as was my passion at the time. When I was a teen I discovered a series called The Belgariad by David Eddings, my first exposure to the Fantasy Genre.

I've been writing ever since I can remember, poems, short stories, attempts at novels, I have piles of paper with notes galore. I discovered a place called the SciFiVine ages ago and was introduced to the concept of online Role-Play and Roundtable writing. Places like the Mausoleum, the Castle, the House of Elf and the House of Evenstar became a second home. My own group, the Cagliostro was a little dream come true, and it has been my pleasure to see it flourish in the years between. Over the years I've developed my own fantasy 'planet' known as Whispin, the setting for many of my co-operative stories such as Shattered Web and Scorched Earth, a set of trilogies which have been published and are available for purchase in Bardic Web's online store.

Presently I live in Canada with my husband and daughter. I'm still an avid reader, I spend a good deal of time online writing, and I dabble in art. We run a Reptile Rescue, own a zoo of lizards, one dog and four cats.

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writes the following characters

A’Rosht Vlos'vig
Adrijana Shiva
An'Telya Al'Teron
An'Thaya D'Riel
An'Thaya D'Riel Blackthorn
Anelain D'riel Ilander Alcarin Greyford
Anil Chiranjivi
Arminiea Morelen
Armon Rubani
Atlantia SingingArrow
B'Elya D'Riel Silverleaf
B'Roce D'Riel
B'Roden D'Riel
B'Rodyn D'Riel
B'Ryan D'Riel
Badr Abida
Brenn Wyvern
Brietta Airell
Calla Blackthorn
Chezlar Khor
Constintyne Tyreichan
Corbin Black
Culaelin Alcarin
Cullen Havenlock
De'Lan D'Riel
Deacon Fearguis
Declan Fearguis
Derwin Modar D'Riel
Devan Urdrul
Gardor Wyvern
Gasper Kane
Gavin Santo
Grendorin Tallin Kane Modar
Haldanuru Morelen
Hallem Phoenix
Hezlar Khor
Hicate Morelen
Imoreki D'Riel
Iod Slayden
Ja'Kel Al'Terre
Jaran Morelen
Jerri Jensen
Julius Beltar
Keser Datari
Khai'Laya D'Riel
Krell Morelen
Kull Havenlock
Laliah Fearguis
Maggie Sloan
Mai Qin
Malik Faris
Meliah Fearguis
Melian Alcarin
Menelanna Alcarin
Mercy Urdrul
Merick Axewielder
Morgan Sloan
Pe'Ris W'Cren
Pe'Rissa W'Cren
R'Avyen D'Riel
Ranara Khor
Raphe Zebulon
Ravyel Nodvig Olnelan
Reece Nightfall
Rem'Mieris Al'Teron
Rem'Sero Al'Teron
Rennon Havenlock
Rhodry Arketh
Riegh Ghanan
Rory Arketh
Ruan Alasse D'Riel
Samara Mirage
Saya Nalhrin
Se'Liene D'Riel
Serendipity Wyvern
Shali Nightfall
Shivan Morelen
Sparrow Hawk Silverleaf
Steren Alasse D'Riel
Tager Terne
Tallin Grendorin Modar
Tarshille Mearta
Tay'La Blackthorn
Thraxyn Vingar
Tobin Black
Tre'Ver A'Ren
Va'Lan D'Riel
Valentine Phoenix
Valin D'Riel
Vanyalin Alcarin
Vincent Wilmot
Willem Alcarin
Xho O'Meghja
Y'Ardyn D'Riel
Y'Roden D'Riel
Yseult D'Riel
~An’Thaya Vara Taure
~Arminiea Morelen
~B’Rodyn Vara Taure
~Captn Morgan Sloan
~Catharz Khor
~Chezlar Khor
~Galahad Corbenic duLac
~Gwynn DuLac
~Hallem Phoenix
~Hezlar Khor
~Lancelot DuLac
~Lord Jaran
~Maggie Sloan
~Mai Qin
~Malik Faris
~Mercy Alto
~Payne Bullion
~Ranara Khor
~Ravyn Knight
~Rose Keep
~Saya Nalhrin
~Valentine Phoenix
~Wolfe Djinn
~Y’Roden Vara Taure