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Created : 3-Apr-2006 11:42:16 pm
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Hello, my name is Steve but here at Bardic Web I go by the name of Raf.

I am currently creating my own mythos about a world called Grova. This world has slowly been developing in my mind since I was a child and now I get to share it with others! Right now, I am leading two stories that takes place on Grova. These stories are"Crossing Boundaries" and "Memories".

I am also a participating writer in other stories. These stories are "The Master's Touch", "Waking the Dragons", "Hell on Ice", "Return of the Queen", "The Awakening", "Olnelan Sar'Da" , " Silent Storms", "The Clockwork Talisman", "The Castle of Catara", and "The Orb of Mysteries" .

I was a contributing writer of the completed stories, "The Cracked Mirror" , and "The Rune Stones of Merlin".

I have a website about my characters called Raf's Cove.

I write a variety of characters that come from different worlds and backgrounds. Most of these characters are pictured below.

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writes the following characters

Adamo Banjora
Boris Bedcough
Bucky Buckingham
Captain Holger
Dierdre the Demented
Garrick Snow
Glutrix Glue
Heslig Barsk
Hilda Dollface
Honoria Banjora Ascencion
Iago Blodwen
Krystjana Snow
Lugo Hwammara
Lydia Aquatia
Mary Verde
Nenellra Telma
Ner'Ius El'Haie
Norda Snow
Norvo Snow
Ophland Barkley
Qarista Silva
Raf Verde
Rusty Barrfoot
Saraswati Creek
Valerie Tangaroa
Wally Verde
Welarma Snow
Xuco Goldenstalker