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Created : 23-Feb-2006 8:39:17 pm
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Name: Tserisa (or Andi, but no one calls me that!)
Location: Portland, OR (or thereabouts)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Dressage (Horseback Riding) Instructor, Equine-Assisted Therapy
Status: Engaged (to Terence and Vanessa)
Hobbies/Interests: Writing (duh), drawing/art, hiking, camping, pets/animals, reading, veg*nism, gardening/houseplants, bird watching, tea, fantasy, dragons, gryphons, scifi, pirates, furry/anthros, websites, administrating online groups, trail riding, parrots
Websites: http://velvetdragon.com, http://gryphguild.org, http://intolerators.com

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Haddy Holm