Writer Details - Shadow Silverleaf

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Physical Description:
Commonly Known As: Shadow Silverleaf
Preferred Name: Marie
Birth Name: Serena Marie
Meaning of Name: Serene Bitterness (really it is)
Nick Names: Sena, Sena Re, Re Re, Shady, Shady Lady
Race: Human who prefers saying Elven
Age: Born in 1982
Apparent Age (if different): I’ve been told about 16/17
Height: My driver’s license says 5 foot 7
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel green
Complexion: Slightly tanned
Clothing: Sneakers, worn out jeans and any shirt in black or grey
Personal Items usually carried: Pocket knife, glasses, pentacle necklace
Identifying Marks (if present): scar at corner of left eye (was hit in head with shovel as child); Café au lait spot birthmark on left upper chest
Accent: American (though even Americans can’t really pinpoint one)

Personal Information:
Personality: Slight moodiness
Occupation: Seamstress by day; Artist by night and weekends

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Brief History: I didn’t start writing till I was about ten years old, when I wrote an ever growing story that was eventually thrown away do to frustration. Up until then, I thought pencils and paper were better used for doodling on. What led me into the world of reading fantasy books was a friend who gave me a Dungeons and Dragons choose your own ending book when I was sick for a couple of weeks, it was then that I was completely hooked on reading. But living in a small town meant that we had an even smaller library and most fantasy books were pulled off of the shelves because they were either falling apart, or simply because they weren’t seen as “fit for young minds”. Three years after throwing away my first story, I came across the internet…to make a long story short, I tumbled down a rabbit hole and came across a few play by email story rping games that led me into a new “world” and new friends that have become like family to the point that my own close family knows who I’m talking about without me having to give names.


Journal: Sena Re - Friends locked
Website: Sena Re.Net
Email: shadowsilverleaf@bardicweb.com
AIM: ShadowSilverleaf

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by you:
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Arwyni Fortuna
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Avarien Goldsong - Done
Bade Taban - Done
Balan Raven - Done
Barnaby Moonrune - Done
Baysen Sa'Nil - Done
Becca Sa'Nil - Done
Blagden Llewellyn - Done
Braevor Veres-done
Branwen Thorneton - Done
Brennen Gilraen - done
Brice Goldsong - Done
Brina Thorneton - Done
Britta Veres
Bryan Boru
Cade Silverleaf - Done
Callean Ruthven - Done
Calypso Kramak
Cassey Alcarin - Done
Cathryn Wynter - Done
Chant Kiandra - Done
Craig Veres - Done
Currently Unnamed
Cyrah Umbar
Daegan Thorneton - Done
Daerkal Silverleaf - Done
Davan Thorneton - Done
Daylin Sa'Nil - Done
Dúdae Celeblasse - Done
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Devin Silverleaf - Done
Diantha Keiji - Done
Dolash Darkwind - done
Dominik Lazar
Dulas Veres
Einar Raven - done
Eirhain Lyone - Done
Elviwen Silverleaf - done
Elvyn Earthgate - done
Eve Ithithisie
Evergreen Blackcloud
Fynn Ruthven
Gawain Lyonesse
Gerald Vanderpool
Gre'Yor Ma'Ius - done
Gregori Caumlo - Done
Gwendolyne Wylandar
Gwern O'Rourke
Gwyneth Greyford - done
Ignacio Dracul
Ithilcalien Karim - done
Ivette Razvancha - Done
Jacob Crane
Jacob Wyne - done
Jaret Greyford - done
Javiera Traian
Jinx Sydelle - done
Joren Razvancha
Joshua Dumitru
Juliet Kerry - done
Kaiden Silverleaf - done
Kalab Greyford - done
Kalei Ri'Nji - done
Kaltaur Silverleaf - done
Kaylee Raven Alcarin - done
Kegan Silverleaf - done
Kelcey Min'astir
Keondre Traian - done
Kiana Alcarin - Done
Kina Qadr Zakari - done
Kinnara Arjuna
Kirstee Ruthven - done
Kitathas Thesar - done
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Kursar Ravendove - done
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Merlyn LaMarr - Done
Meylor i Blackheart
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Morereg Zasha
Namir Razvancha - done
Natasha Lhunwen
Natiel Kamea
Naur Silverleaf
Nealcail Mórdha
Nenien Raven
Nicolet Breen
Nicolette Ember
Norq Thesar
Nuriye Rahibe
Nyneve ben Drultagh
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Orris i Blackheart
Raven Silverleaf - done
Rayen Jaci
Relainia Aerta - Done
Rhylzt Kilzynge
Roan Slaynor
Robin Silverleaf - done
Rowena Slaynor
Sabalae Do’ana
Sahar Ubab Qadr - done
Sehaine Datari done
Selene Moonbow -done
Shadow Baenlyl - Retired
Shadow Silverleaf
Shae Sa'Vall - done
Shy Goldsong
Shylar Wyne
Sky Silverleaf - done
Taimië Silverleaf - done
Talathlyon Celeblasse
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