Writer Details - Emily Harrington

Created : 7-Feb-2006 9:13:35 pm
Last Edited : 10-Mar-2006 10:06:28 pm

Emily is 5'6, 125 pounds with curves in all the right places. She has long, dark hair and bright blue eyes. When she smiles, a single dimple forms on her right cheek.

She was raised in a typical household. Both parents still married and an older brother named Jack. Her father is from England, her mother from Boston. She is still very close to her first cousin, Kate Harrington.

Her past relationships were rocky. She was engaged once to a man she had thought was "the one". Unfortunatly, she found him sleeping with her best friend at the time. Since then, she has had trouble trusting men. Although she still dreams of being married one day and having children of her own, she is still leary.

Emily is a first grade teacher. Her hobbies are photography and scrapbooking. She is interested in the paranormal.

writes the following characters

Kate Harrington