Writer Details - Zuph-Sethur

Created : 24-Nov-2005 5:25:20 pm
Last Edited : 24-Nov-2005 5:51:55 pm

Where to begin,......

I'm a RP player; though I enjoy writing sometimes. I don't think I'm a writer; I just put down what happens in the back of my mind during the day- whether it's based on something that happened in a game or not.

As for my character, he's, well, himself. He started as two characters in the same game-world, who ran into each other - fought, teamed up, and got stuck together as one new being. You want to know more about him, read the character bio. He's got his strengths and weaknesses, just like anybody else.

Me? I am in RL a musician of sorts - part of a small rock band. Nothing spectacular, just a dream waiting to take off.

The artwork. Once I get it touched up, hosted, and ready, I'll put it in and use it. It's my own art; such as it is.

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