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Name : Sinead

I'm still a young'un.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario with three siblings.  Foxx's bond Brother Duker Antilles is written by my RL Brother, none of my other siblings know how to read.  Well, theres no proof outside of sucessful completion of high school for one of them, for the other there's no proof period.  Okay, she did pass grade eight.

I live on my own in a house which I own, but which I finance through rent.  I can almost afford to do this. My tenants are my best friends family and a cat which owns us all, but is very kindly passive agressive about it.

I read voraciously, although not as much as I did when in school.  Some of my favorite authors are  Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Robert Sawyer.  I Really love GOOD fantasy and science fiction.  I really despise it when there are more than four books in a series. I've never read RA Salvatore, and only the Terry Goodkind I've read is Wizards First Rule, as a direct consequence of that quirk o'mine.  George RR Martin did manage to sucker me in though, so I'm hoping his series ends soon before I begin to hate him.

I started Foxxfire Evenstar after several months of urging on the part of my brother.  My first cooperative writing experience would have been Towers Tavern with An'thaya D'riel, from there I spread out to the Green Heart Inn, Castle, Cagliostro, and Star Wars Tales.  Shortly after the death of The 'vine I fellout of touch, I moved into my grandfathers and lost computer access, the net became a once a week at the library treat and so I became read only.  It set an unfortunate precedent.  I'd get the net back, catch up, play, and then something would happen again.  Fortuantely things are for the first time in many years are stable *Crosses fingers* and I am very much enjoying the opportunity to develop and grow my characters consistently with people I've come to like in rl, and who just happen to be authors I admire.

Contact Info :

I'm not on messengers much, when I am its Trillian, so any of the below will hook you up, email is much more likely to reach me.

Aim: Arianafoxx

MSN/Email: arianafoxx(at)hotmail.com

ICQ : 66384729 (Yes, it is *that* old, my original in fact LOL)

Character Website : http://foxxy.topcities.com

writes the following characters

Adrian Pev'Reihn
Ewan Andrade
Foxxfire (Lost Horizons)
Foxxfire Evenstar (Caliginous)
Foxxfire Evenstar (Regular version)
Gemini Match
Kyla Mackenzie
Lucy CamWethrin
Sabrina CamWethrin