Writer Details - Justin Rain

Last Edited : 12-Feb-2006 10:12:53 pm

Real Name: Tonia
Marital Status: Married five years
# of Kidlets: Six kids girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy

Occupation: Full time mom and wife
Website Address: http://www.geocities.com/tonia_signor/home_page.html
Email: rsignor@centurytel.net
AIM: Rainydame
Location; Pacific Northwest (US)

I found these boards through several friends. And have found it a good place to stretch myself and do something for me. I am a very busy mom...and my kids get first dibs over the computer. So some days patience is required when reading or waiting for me to post.

I am an ecclectric reader. Louis Lamour, David Weber, Anne McAffree, Laura Ingalls Wilder, L.M. Montgomery. My favorite read is a good historical novel told from somebody on the sidelines perspective.

I spent hours listening to my grandma read as a child. My favorite being the Wizard of Oz series. My great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and I have all shared a desire to write a book. Maybe some day one of us will accomplish it.

writes the following characters

Albert Henry Black
Azizi Bedui
Barbara Rain
Boyd Bressnahan
Callie Rain
Catherine Rain Alcarin
Cor Splasiqu
Craig Urdrul
David Edeyo
Gden Rain
Granny Rain
Justin Rain
Kerrigan Rain
Kylie Bryer
Lucien Sorm
Nendil Alcarin
Nerina River
Quinn Bryer
Sean Rain
Sharee Rain
Stefan Griaule
Taury Griaule