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I'm 20 and gong to college. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I have extreme dualities, which are most likely the products of my genes and upbringing. These dualities seem to blend beautifully together, making the very fabric of my being mysterious to onlookers. In truth, I am no mystery. I am a soul just trying to make it in this world.

On the outside I’m stoic, at times icy, others simply emotionless. Around friends I’ll smile or laugh, but those gestures have never come natural to me. I’m the silent type. I’ll say a few words here and there and give a simple nod of the head. However, it would be a mistake to think that that I’m an emotionless robot. I have such a rich emotional core. I have unbelievably intense emotions, which often get the better of me. They show up in my writing and my painting, and they become obvious to the people I care about. I often come across too strong.

As I said I’m quite, but get me on a certain topic and I can talk for hours. I’m a thinker, a philosopher and if you want to discus any of the grand philosophical questions I will gladly do so. I like to stretch my mind to the wildest corners of reality and then slip into the strangest expanses of fantasy. Take me on a dream and I’ll show you mine.

One of my other dualities is that I’m a math and science person, specifically biology. I like facts and evidence, but I also love slipping from reality. Whenever I can I’m either reading fantasy or writing it. Philosophy also takes me to that side, because you can explore alternate possibilities, and stretch your perception of the world. Even science can enter a world so strange it seems like fantasy.

The only other major duality can be summed up in one phrase: passive agressive. However, I've been able to control that side of me so that my actions are more direct, still I'll always be passive agressive. I'm in control enough that I don't drive people insane.

In my social interactions I prefer small social events. I’m introverted and tend to keep to myself, however that doesn’t mean I don’t like chatting. I love writing, and have written since I was 12 or so . . . at the moment that's all I can think of.

writes the following characters

Cathal O’Rinn
Cathaoir Wyvern
Ian O'Byrne