Rhagi Riker D'Riel - Timeline

Birth    - Born in S'Hea to Ghetsuhm Riker, with Y'Roden and Galain in attendance Blood Ties

2 yrs    - Starts spending time with his father's family in Corin. Previous to this visits with Y'Roden happened at    Ghet's cabin in S'Hea with her present.

5 yrs    - Abducted by Samara and taken to Tenobrous. Rescued by Galain and Shadow.

            - Y'Roden becomes king of S'Hea. Shattered Web

8 yrs    - Ghet and Galain move to Alcarinque. Ghet becomes pregnant with Aarien.

11 yrs  - Most of Rhagi's family becomes sick through the land-bond to S'Hea. Y'Roden dies and is resurrected by Ghet, who then goes into stasis.

            - Ghet and Y'Roden marry. Rhagi becomes heir to the S'Hean throne. Scorched Earth

14 yrs  - Ghet starts teaching Rhagi how to use the Talent

            - Ghet gives birth to Den'Ayat and R'Avyen. Hell's Fire

15 yrs  - Rhagi discovers that his mother has been keeping secrets from him. Cracked Mirror

            - Interrogates Marius about the circumstances of his conception.

            - Starts being tutored by Matt Becker

16 yrs  - Rhagi's conduit comes in.

17 yrs  - Ghet is kidnapped by Tallin. The Awakening