Rhagi Riker D'Riel


Rhagi is the son of Y'Roden D'Riel and Ghetsuhm Riker D'Riel. He's unaware of the circumstances around his conception, and believes that his parents had an affair during Ro's marriage to Silverthorn and Ghet's to Galain. 

Until he was ten, he shared his time between Ghet's homes in Alcarinque and at Riker's, and Y'Roden's, first in Corin and then in S'Hea. He was a bright, easy-going, charming young child, rather spoiled and confident. At five, he was kidnapped from Corin by the demoness Samara, who took him to Tenobrous. Although he wasn't hurt, the incident destroyed his confidence, and he became quiet and withdrawn, averse to taking risks. 

As he grew older and started trying to make plans for his life, the feeling that he didn't fit became stronger. He couldn't progress in either his mother's world or his father's without committing to one or the other. He became increasingly aware, too, of the contradictions and resentment around his parentage. 

Increasing resentment was put aside at ten when his life threatened to disintegrate all over again. S'Hea fell ill and so did both his parents. Y'Roden died, and Rhagi's happiness at his resurrection was marred by his mother's obvious descent into madness, and later her physical collapse. Even when both his parents recovered, they then left him hanging in Nenlante while they worked out what to do with their lives. Their marriage was an almost surreal event, more than he'd dared to hope for but also fraught with uncertainty. 

Now, in his early teens, Rhagi's job is still to weave together the disparate threads of his background and his genetics. He has a D'Riel conduit to master, as well as the emotional vulnerability his Talent gives him. A brief and terrifying period as his father's nominal heir has passed with the birth of his younger brothers, and while that unwanted destiny has been taken away, he has yet to shape his own.

Rhagi's timeline



Rhagi strongly resembles his father: unsurprising considering he gets some of the same genes from both sides. He has the bright green D'Riel eyes and will grow into the classic S'Hean broad shoulders and impressive height. He's currently 5'4" and growing rapidly. His hair is an auburn that shows deep red in the sun, past shoulder length and often clubbed at the nape of his neck.

He will always have something around his neck, usually many thongs and always a wolf claw and a yellow and blue ghanya he made with his mother. He prefers light shirts and loose pants around Windemiire. On the rare occasions that he's tidy and properly dressed, he shows a remarkable physical beauty.


At first impression, Rhagi is quiet and serious. Those who know him better, know he possesses a wicked deadpan sense of humour. He gets away with a lot because people simply can't believe him capable of being so duplicitous. He's often a favourite with tutors and guardians because he simply seems so obedient and tractable, but a lot goes on that never shows on the surface.

As he gets older, he more often displays frustration and anger. He's convinced he's not being told the whole truth, especially by his mother. While he's naturally generous and gentle, he's also an adolescent.

Rhagi unconsciously avoids forming close relationships. He is very fond of his twin half-sisters, Drysi and Yseult, and he's good with his younger siblings, especially his little half-sister Aarien. On the whole, though, he feels safer with adults. He gets on well with Galain, Shadow, and Callan.

Rhagi doesn't like the idea of losing control, and so as he gets older, he continues to avoid any kind of sexual or romantic situation. He's particularly aware of the price his mother has paid for her appetites, and has no desire to go down that road himself.



At this stage in his development, Rhagi is learning a lot, and his abilities increase all the time. Coming into his Conduit, he is learning how to use his S'Hean magic, and how to control the magnification ability. His mother is also teaching him how to control and recognise the flashes of emotional insight he gets. The two abilities together interact are difficult to control, giving him sometimes intense bursts of other people's feelings, or making him quite unintentionally flood someone else with his own feelings. He finds these incidents crushingly embarrassing, and he fights hard to maintain constant control.

From a very young age, he was taught to defend himself. His father has trained him with a sword, and his mother has taught him what she knows of pressure points and unarmed combat. He has only moderate natural aptitude, but his past has taught him how important it is, and he works hard at it.

He also studies hard, and displays a natural aptitude for languages and the 'soft' sciences. He's good with animals, and has a persistent fascination with horses.

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