Character Details - Britta Veres

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BrittaPhysical Description:
Preferred Name: Britta Veres
Birth Name: Britta Veres
Meaning of Name: Strength
Nick Names: Brit
Race: Draevar - Bronze
Age: 13965 (as of Blood Moon Rising)

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Bronze
Eyes: Bronze with a slight golden sheen
Length: Apprx. 30 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 55 ft wingspan

Human Appearance:
Height: 5’ 9”
Build/Weight: Athletic, Slender
Hair: Shoulder length bronze with a golden cast
Eyes: Bronze
Apparent Age: Late twenties
Clothing: Tank top and jeans
Personal Items usually carried: To be added
Identifying Marks (if present): Freckles across her nose

Personal Information:
Personality: Britta stands up to her name but it is more of an inner strength. She enjoys life, the good and the bad of it.
Occupation: --
Skills and Abilities: --
Weapons Used: Sword

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Brief History: Britta is the daughter of Braekor Veres and Crien Dulas.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Britta holds a grudge against her brother, Craig, for the mercy killing of their father.

This character is still under development, if you have any questions please don't hesitate in asking.
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