Character Details - Aemaeth

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Name: Aemaeth
Meaning of Name: Truth
Race: Seraphii
Caste: Warrior
Age: Ageless
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 5’6”
Build/Weight: Slim, but athletic
Hair: Normally Blonde, but she dyes it different colors to suit her taste
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Fair
Identifying Marks: Gold and orange tattoos covering her body
Clothing: Varies by situation, see below.
Personal Items usually carried: Varies by situation, see below.

Personal Information:

Personality: On the outside, Aemaeth has a pleasant, charismatic demeanor that makes people want to be around her, stemming from her Seraphii heritage. She can laugh, smile, frown, and cry with apparently the most sincere of feelings, but on the inside she harbors a cool hatred for much of the world around her, sickened not only but what she sees, but also for what the Seraphii has become. It’s a feeling that Aemaeth keeps hidden from almost all around her, even her own kind, preferring the wear the mask of sainthood as her own face.

Quirks: Aemaeth is heavily tattooed in the sense that a series of gold and orange tattoos swirl across her body. There’s no real meaning to them that she will divulge and she claims they were done on a whim, which may or may not be true. The Seraphii has a habit of quoting lines from books, her favorite author being Milton, movies, and popular songs.

Occupation: She’s a member of the warrior caste of Seraphii, and would like to think of herself as an elite member of something bigger. Aemaeth is not a leader amongst the Seraphii, even amongst member of her own caste, preferring to be more of an operative in the feud between the Demonii, the Seraphii, and the native human population.

Skills and Abilities: As a member of the warrior caste, Aemaeth is skilled in the use of many things that “terminate with extreme prejudice,” if one was to use one of her quotes. Her heritage also gives her abilities that border on the supernatural, including speed, agility and strength. She’s good at climbing, both mountains and manmade cliff faces, and if she was to have one hobby, rappelling would be it. Languages aren’t her strong point, and she’s not the person you want to have around if you want to covert people to your cause, as her skills of persuasion, while above average, can’t compete with those of a member of a more specialized caste.

Weapons Used:
Combat martial arts.
Various knives, both throwing and combat.
A pair of pistols that she carries with her at all times, normally in holsters strapped to her thighs.
Various scoped and un-scoped automatic weapons.

Clothing: Most of the times, the Seraphii’s choice of clothing slants towards the practical, with many of her items being sleeveless and lying close to her skin to minimize binding in combat. Aemaeth's most common set of clothes includes a pair of black shorts, along with black, knee-high combat boots. On top of all this is a harness from which hangs a multitude of items.

Background Information:

History: Aemaeth’s history before the Seraphii’s coming to Nocturne is unknown. But like her fellow Seraphii, it is assumed that she was exiled here for her acts. Stripped of her immortality, Aemaeth has settled down on this world, reluctant to call it home, but knowing that unfortunately, it would be her prison.

Sin: Aemaeth is addicted to dopamine and it's various derivatives, relying on them to get her through the day and keep the darkness of her soul from casting it's shadow on her mask of faked emotions. She relies on a processed variety that she either takes in pill form or melts down and injects. It a love/hate releationship for her; she despises herself for taking it, but relies on it more and more each passing day.

Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None
Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Artwork by Masamune Shirow.