Character Details - Jenni-Kaye Mars

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Name: Jenni-Kaye Mars
Age: 100
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Corn-blonde
Height: 5"8

Jenni-Kaye is quiet, and often mistaken for shy. In truth, the trauma she has endured in the past has made her wary of many things, and as such she will stay quiet in a situation until she has assessed it. Jenni does not suffer fools gladly, and can become quite violent if she feels she is being threatened. Her mental stability is questionable.

As the younger adopted sister of Helen Mars, Jenni was not expected to show any Psi-Talent, so it was quite a surprise when she came into her powers shortly after Helen. As with Helen, she has been on the run from the Corporation most of her life, and has also been experimented on to a great extent - Ceria Scott is her genetic daughter, engineered by the Corporation.

She has been held by the Corporation five times, and does not remember most of what was done to her. One side-effect of their tampering is her extended lifespan; it is thought she will live almost as long as an Elf.

Jenni-Kaye is a strong, if unstable, Telepath. As such she has the ability to read minds, but finds it very difficult to control. For the majority of the time her skill is unused, and Jenni lives behind very strong mental walls that few can break.

Jenni also has some Telekinetic skill, but it is restricted to moving herself around the locale. She can Teleport to another world with assistance from a skilled kinetic, for example Helen or Anaya.

Jenni only has one mark - a code tattooed at the base of her spine that marks her as a Rogue and runaway Psi-Talent. Her code is 0257179.

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Charlize Theron