Character Details - Foalan Cian Ailill Niall (alternate Version)

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Foalan Physical Description:

Foalan Cian Ailill Niall

Meaning of Name:
'little Wolf' Ancient Elf Champion

Schi (elf/Anaisi Mix)

*DOB: April 13th


Apparent Age (if different):


lithe athletic build/ 167 lbs


pure white no pupil or iris (changes color with emotion as with all Schi and Anaisi)

pure alabastor white

*Identifying Marks (if present): bright flame wings

Clothing: He creates his own clothing so it varies, usually open back tunics for his wings, or terran t-shirts with sarcastic sayings. Leather pants or anything comfortable.

Personal Items usually carried:
the usual pocket full of credit cards should he ever find himself on terra.

Personal Information:

Cocky and more than a little self assured, Foalan has a streak of sadism a mile wide. He hates humans with a blinding passion that sometimes surprises those around him. He loves torturing them for amusement but they end up dying to quickly for his taste. He has no use for the elves he's supposedly apart of, and has been gone from his home planet since birth. He hates failure of any kind and never tolerates it in himself.

Daddy's little soldier/Thief

*Skills and Abilities:
Heat and fire creation and manipulation like his father, increased shifting ability that inables him to unlock anything, shifting, shapeshifting, flight, inhuman strength, faster healing. Skilled with weapons namely a sword he can create from fire, hand to hand combat, and he's quite skilled in torture.

*Weapons Used:
Sword he can create from fire, martial fighting skills

Background Information:

*History: Raised by Nyhel, for the first few years of his life, his father was still quite a constant in his life. Whenever Nate would show up, Foalan would be the man's shadow. His first experionece wit his power wasn't nearly as terrifying and when he was old enough he left with Nate, fully intending on following the man's footsteps. And boy did he ever, Foalan's abilities grew and expanded as he was taught the finer points of his gifts. Whilst love wasn't a large part of his upbringing neither was it very important. The only thing he ever wanted was his father to be proud of him.

Which led to him tracking down one of Aerta's brood the other Anaisi's family a source of deep seated hatred. One in particular, he hated Riel with a burning passion, tracking the Schi wherever he could. He'd never openly attack him, waiting for the perfect moment to get close to the other Schi. Once he's finally done he plans on bringing Riel's heart back to his father.

*Marital Status: single



Other: The following things are minor and perhaps inconsequential to knowing Foalan but are to be assumed whereever he is. All Anaisi and Schi have a scent, his is blackberries. The scent is even stronger near his wings and when they move the scent around him will intensfy. His wings are fire, pure fire, but they are solid, and like all wings are extremely sensitive. Nerve endings are clutered around the base and are throughout the entire wing, his are neither more sensitive or less sensitive because of their form. Effectively they are errongenous zones, and when hurt or harmed in anyway whilst they don't bleed as other wings might, it's the same as nailing a man in the crotch. In fact if asked Foalan would prefer being hit in the crotch than the wings. He's broken his wings no less than five times throughout his life, the first when he was five, which led to him not learning how to fly until he was almost ten. As such there is a bit of nerve damage in places that leave them very sensitve and the Schi terribly concerned about them being hurt. The guantlet is still fresh in his mind and he suffers from occasional nightmares from the events.

Although the wings are pure fire, if someone were to touch them (with his permission) they do not burn unless he wishes them to. If someone accidently falls into him, they will not burn at first, if there is pain at all his wings will flare and the flare might result in the unsuspecting person being burnt. He is constantly several degrees warmer than everything around him. He hates the cold and although he seems to in water quite a bit, it's usually cold. Water hot enough for him would burn others. His alcohol tolerance is obscene. The only thing that will get him the least bit drunk or even buzzed in the Anaisi made drink of death, Taiol' bin. Drugs on the other hand are a different story, schi like anaisi have an extremely low tolerance to all types of drugs, one hit of X would last a week or there abouts. His powers are near impossible to use when drugged at the same time it's quite easy to accidently kill him that way.

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