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Writer’s note: Araxmarr Zavern Sar’da and Callan Blackthorn are one and the same. Aerdonian Kin are not born with a ‘true’ name and a ‘known’ name and they do not subscribe the mysticism of true names giving power over the individual. The reason there is ever a distinction made between names denotes the age of Callan/Araxmarr but also, he is an assassin. His ’cover name’/public name is Callan. If you run across the Araxmarr I.d. being used to post in a story or RP forum, this is the younger version of the current Emperor Blackthorn, with the exception being the Nocturne Universe.

Common Name: Callan Blackthorn
Draconic (true) name: Araxmarr Zavern Sar'da in the Black Dragon tongue, DeathDream being the closest translation in Common.
Race: Half Aerdonian Black, half Silver, (The Silver blood is unknown to him at any age younger than 7500 years.)
Age Approximate: 7500 years or younger

Dragon form-
Length: 63 foot, not including tail, in dragon form, double that if you count from tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.
Wingspan: 92 foot, give or take a couple of meters.
Color: Glossy black, wings and neck spikes are onyx
Eyes: Ice/topaz Blue

Half-Elven form -
Apparent Age: early 30's (human standards)
Height: 6' 4" in Half-Elven form
Weight: Weight is relative to the planet he is on, however, if on Terra, he would weigh approximately 280 lbs or 20 stone.
Hair color: Ebony and tends to curl. It is usually cropped short, but he has been known to let it grow long.
Eyes: Ice Blue

Mate/Bond Status: Single. He has a nasty, near perfect record of killing every lover he's ever had, with only one exception, Aeryn Gaff, a Shai'ay shapeshifter who barely escaped with her life.


More than likely you will find him wearing the form of a Half-Elven male. This shape was stolen early in Araxmarr's career after he'd slaughtered a family of mixed marriage and absorbed part of a half-elven boy’s soul and this form is the one he feels most comfortable in. Araxmarr wears the amulet of an Imperial Assassin - commonly known as an Illinsaad, and it is carved from the breastbone of a Silver female. This amulet absorbs pieces of souls, enables the wearer of the amulet to wear that soul's form, have access to its memories, attitudes, mannerisms, etc. It is later discovered the Illinsaad was actually crafted from Araxmarr’s own mother’s bone and she is the Aeosh Prime - the only fully aware soul trapped within the amulet.


Araxmarr is easily provoked and enjoys 'testing' people when he first meets them to see what they're made of. He, all Black Kin, can easily become enRaged and is at his most dangerous during the Rage. Irises will become phosphorescent as an indicator, however, not much warning may be given before a Rage induced attack. Araxmarr is a hateful, cruel bastard, but will occasionally have inexplicable and unpredictable moments of 'softness', something that nauseates and confuses him, as compassion is considered a weakness reserved for Elves and Silver Kin.

At this age and any younger age, Araxmarr’s main form of personal entertainment is luring either men or women both into bed, in various stolen forms, compliments of the assassin's amulet he wears, gaining their trust over a period of time, then killing them slowly and painfully after revealing what he truly is. He has psychotic tendencies and can best be described as a serial killer in nature.


In Half-Elven form Rax prefers black t-shirts, comfortable fitting denim jeans and sturdy, lace-up boots with heavy, lug soles. These are commonly referred to by the Black Kin as ‘war boots‘. During times of battle, light House armor will appear over a deep crimson short sleeved shirt and the jeans will vanish in favor of dull black leather trousers. The armor is formed of Araxmarr's scales, it is glossy black and consists of bracers, a sculpted breastplate thigh guards and greaves (shin guards). By personal choice, Araxmarr wears no back-plate and no helm during battle. This armor can be penetrated easily by Dragon Steele (adamantine) however, mundane blades have a difficult time cutting through it.

Writer’s note: Adamantine is NOT the only metal that can penetrate this armor or damage one of the Kin in either form. It is, however, the only metal known to mortals that wounds the Kin in such a manner that the injured individual cannot heal itself with its ability to transmutate flesh, bone, nerves, skin, etc. It is in many regards a silver bullet of sorts. If you are confused, please read this thoroughly first, and if you still have unanswered questions, contact me.

Weapons and skills:

Araxmarr is proficient in his own type of magic using (transmutation), however the magic of the Kin, Black or Silver, requires touching the object/person to be altered.

It is not always convenient when in battle and he is not always able to give away his nature by shifting to dragon if the odds turn badly for him, therefore Araxmarr has a pair of daggers he wears at his hip and the usual boot knives, two in each boot. He is also a master-marksman with a long-bow but prefers the cross bow and usually carries one. He also carries a Claymore sword.

Araxmarr has the ability to cast fire, regardless of what form he wears and the manner the flame manifests itself depends on his intentions. All Aerdonian dragons can see thermal patterns when in darkness and the method is similar the ability found in Terran Pit Vipers, which have specialized ‘pits‘ to allow them to sense heat. In the Kin, these ’pits’ are located just within the nostrils in two-legger form, and between the nostrils on the snout in full form.

An additional edge is the presence of what is known on Terra as a Jacobson’s Organ and is also found in some mammals and all vipers. This organ is located under the tongue in any form the Kin ’wears’ and enables them to ’see’ by scent alone. When ‘scenting’ the Kin in question will part their lips slightly and lift their tongue behind their teeth, then inhale slowly, as if tasting the air.

Markings and tattoos:

Rax has more than his fair share of battle scars, has a ring of black thorns tattooed around his left bicep, and has the original Blackthorn Crest on his right shoulder blade, a bloodmark to his Guard, the wreath of black thorns with the rampant black dragon.


At any age younger than 7500 years, Araxmarr/Callan is the only known son and is the House Assassin of Black Dragon Emperor, Nargus IV of the Diirlathe, a vast desert/mountain range located in the northern portion of the continent of Nehlmere, Aerdon. He is a General in his sire’s army as well as his father’s chief assassin, or Right Hand.

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