Character Details - Shakti

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Name: Shakti *Surname unknown*
Name Meaning: Power
Race: Whispin Nomad, Sandshadow
Age: Unknown
Height: 6' 1"
Eye color: Clear, pale Amber, almost colorless
Hair color: Ebony
Marital Status: Single
Profession: Guild Assassin
Home City: Sargasso


Shakti was born to a family of Nomad Merchants, his parents being exceptional with their abilities to fade to the shadow realm. He was watched closely after his birth by an agent of the Guild for just that reason, and was abducted by the same agent at the age of three from the familial caravan as it was heading for Corin to celebrate Vaegh Riel. An extensive search for the child yielded no trace of where he'd vanished to and while time never healed the pain of his family, it did hone Shakti into a ruthless, Guild-raised and trained assassin. His twisted creativity in killing combined with his Sandshadow ability to walk the shadows and his propensity for stealth makes him a highly sought after killer and spy.


Like all Nomads of Whispin, Shakti is elegantly built, tall, and leanly muscled. He is built for grace and speed, and has the usual dark colouring of his people. His clothes are usually of simple design, made for getting in and out of tight places without snagging or catching on furniture, corners, or anything else as he comes and goes from the shadows into the solid world. Footwear is either never worn, or if absolutely necessary, soft-soled, short shanked boots made of supple leather are preferred.


Shakti is quiet and observant. He is known as a consumate professional for the reason that while he may be creative with his assassination techniques, he doesn't waste time with tormenting his victims. In most cases and depending on the request of the client or guild, the torment is reserved for the families and loved ones that discover the body, sometimes partially encased in solid stone, trees, or any other solid item. When not 'working', Shakti is far from gregarious, and is often described as 'untouchable', both physically and emotionally. This is due in part to his upbringing, compassion is a liability in Shakti's world, but also, Shakti is often haunted by dreams of his early childhood, and frequently gets music stuck in his head. He has been known to go for days without restfull sleep, and while he tells no one why, it is because the repeated melody grows so loud he simply can't sleep. Always its the same two or three tunes, always they seem to hang on one or two bars and never proceed through the entire song. Only recently those in positions of power in the Guild are wondering if his dark moods and lack of rest are the 'Shadows and Sands calling him home' and the question of just how long Shakti will be of use to them is being raised more and more often.

Marks or tattoos:

A broad line in a black henna tribal pattern stretches across Shakti's back, the tops of his shoulders, and down his biceps. This was a personal choice, and the reason he chose that particular pattern has never been disclosed.

Shakti is marked with an odd pattern of reddish-brown, or henna, colored tatoos on the back of his neck, at the base of his skull. These marks are thought to be birth marks by the Guild, but may well have been put on Shakti at his birth as a warding against evil.

Then again... they may be tied directly to his slow slide into apparent insanity. Only time will truely tell.

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Hrithrik Roshan