Character Details - Maidar

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Physical Description:
*Name: Maidar
Meaning of Name: World Slayer
*Race: Aruinnbith Human
*Age: 1,200
Apparent Age (if different): 29
*Height: 5'10
*Build/Weight: 190/thin, wirey
*Hair: dark brown
*Eyes: green
Complexion: pale

*Identifying Marks (if present):
arms heavily scarred from various rituals, brands cover his back from other magical work he's attempted to do.

Robes, anything easy to work in, usually topless, the elements don't really bother him.

Personal Items usually carried:
A long dagger made from Aruinnbith Silver, intricate designs along the blade keep the edge without having to ever sharpen it. A necklace with a single crystal that is used as a locator for all his minions, including his second in command Koremar.

Personal Information:

Ever since he'd begun to learn the lost language of human magic he began slowly going insane. Cooly intelligent, he's hard and refuses to back down. He has an almost fanatical drive concerning the dragons and the wars of long ago. He's made it his personal mission to wipe elves off the face of the planet. He hates all elves, especially those that took so much away from his family and his world.

Mage/weaponmaster/Evil world conqueror

*Skills and Abilities:
Has been trained in all forms of battle with the use of weapons. Family was very strict and wasn't satified until he was well versed in all forms of battle and strategy. His natural inclination to books led him on a search to uncover the language that all humans lost suddenly after the Dragons wars. Finding the language opened his mind to magic although the magic is old, mutated and tainted, the more he uses it, the faster he goes mad.

*Weapons Used:
Sword/blood magic/minions/sacrifice/torture.

Background Information:

: Born to a very old human family that had been before the Dragon Wars one of the wealthiest and most prosperous families of Nycerath, Mai grew up learning the stories of Callaes' "greatness" in a different light. His hatred for the Kennyr'Tlithar family is bone deep and through the years transferred to all elves. He hated that his family tolerated elves to teach their children, and loathed those in charge of his education even though it opened avenues he'd have never gotten had it not been for the elves.

Proving himself an able warrior he joined the ranks of the elven army still keeping away from the elves as much as he could until he could get to Draenthaw and the libraries located in the High king's Castle. Pouring over the old texts he copied what he needed before disappearing from the army.

For years he searched and hunted, finding old spells, but not the secret to unlock them. He scarred himself everytime he tried to use the magic, and each failed attempt brought him closer to emotional collapse.

One day near the brink it all came to him and suddenly he could read the magic that had always been beyond his reach. With a murmured spell he felt his body infused with magic. But he wasn't done, that was only the first step.

  • Kills family and begins fomenting plans
  • Kills Koremar, steals his body
  • Reserects him without his memory and trains him
  • begins gathering resources
  • Finds the island where the hatchlings are bound
  • Beginning of Waking the Dragons.

*Marital Status: none



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