Character Details - Hades

Written by GhetsuhmCreated : 4-Jan-2006 3:46:10 am
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Hades is one of the Fabioni, or Olympians, a group of highly evolved beings who spent some time on Earth during the Classical period, mistaken for gods by many peoples. They were the origin of the god-tales of Greek and Roman civilisations, and many of the Fabioni still very much enjoy playing those roles. They are beings who can channel and direct energy from their surroundings and shape it as they please. Being mostly energy and having absolute control over their physical form, they are ageless and immortal. They can, in certain circumstances, twine their energy through the physical form of another being and inhabit their bodies, though there will be perpetual battle between the two consciousnesses.

The Fabioni are game players, and fanatical about rules. Any agreement made between them is sacred and will not be broken.

Hades' particular area of strength is death, war, bloodshed, conflict and confusion. These energies are the easiest for him to shape and feed on. At one point, he held a physical dominion on Terra, and encouraged conflict around the Mediterranean, but his powers and his attention waned, and he has moved on since.

As far as personality goes, Hades can be superficially very charming and engaging. Under that, is a layer of cold ruthlessness. And under that, there's a core of vicious cruelty. He is not capable of sympathy or remorse.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Robbie Williams