Character Details - Piran

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PiranName: Piran
Hair: Black
one green one silver with hourglass pupils
muscular without being massive

Scars and markings: none

Tall with long black hair, mismatched eyes of green and silver, the pupil that of an hour glass, Piran is an impressive figure. Perhaps one of the oldest of the gods of Àrüinnbìth he has always been the most mysterious of the gods, forever going against the grain in the eyes of those who follow him. Often called the Dark One, or Shadow Lord by his clerics, he can take many forms when and if he chooses to reveal himself. Forever curious, Piran has always been the one to question the other gods, and even himself on occasion. He is said to be the patron of the mentally touched, those who suffer visions and those who never quite mesh with society.

He is the oldest of all the deities on Aruinnbith, and unlike the others that were created at the beginning of the planet, Piran is older still. Rumour has it that he was a god of another realm, another planet before they lost faith in their gods, and rather than fade he found a new planet, one that seemed in need of him, the other gods barely out of infancy. Of course this is just one of many rumours that surround the Lord of Shadows, he's amused by it as much as any other story that the elves create for his existence.

Powers: As with everything that Piran is concerned with, he is one of the few deities that oversees two separate houses. Time and Shadows. The shadows of Àrüinnbìth clothe he and his temple in darkness, will form anything his will demands, and will even kill if he so orders it. He also watches the sands of time as the pass through his hall. The constant barage of images and memories flood his home as mere background noise unless something grabs his attention. It could be something completely innocous, usually just the mention of his name is enough to draw his attention. Although he can control the sweep of time he rarely dabbles in it, preferring to let time happen as it will. This does not mean he will not mete out justice to those who play around with his time line. Those who dare play in his domain had best realize what they are doing. Piran may appear to be a kind deity, but the Dark One hasn't earned that title for nothing.

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