Character Details - Dallas Blackwell

Written by Drake SilverwingCreated : 31-Dec-2005 3:55:00 pm
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Name: Dallas Blackwell

Age: 22

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 125

Hair Color: Brunette Shoulder length

Eyes: Dark brown eyes with gold flecks

Race: Human.  Mother Brazillian, Father American

Business attire: A black jacket with a white top, low cut under it, a large gold necklace, with a braclet to match, blacl pleated slacks and black heels.

During this adventure: Tan, long sleeve cotton shirt, khakis pants and knee high black boots. Thin black belt, Black rawhide whip and two Smith & Wesson .45's on her hip. She also wears a Indiana Roma hat, for comfort.

Background: Dallas's parents were once thieves, her mother Regina Otelo, "The Jackal", her father was Thomas "The Fox" Blackwell. Both met while trying to steal an ancient jade figure of a cat and fell madly in love. After a short courtship they were secretly married and they moved to Texas.

A year later, "Dallas" was born. Her parents taught her all they knew as she grew up, teaching her the skills, the ballance and stealth through dance and arobatic school, and other secret classes she took to become a master thief. They also taught her why they became thieves, telling her it was not because of the money, but because of the adventure, the quest. That and they only took from people that had robbed and killed for the sake of owning a small piece of history. Most of the things they took were presented back to their rightful owners, who offered rewards for their return.

When she turned twenty, her parents went out on their last adventure, before retiring. They never returned, leaving her wonder what had happen to them. There were no clues, no one knew what became of them. They seemed to have vanished off the face of the planet.  

Two years later, on the eve of her twenty-second birthday she recieved a small wooden box. A puzzle box like the ones her mother gave her as a child. Yet this box was by far the most diffacult puzzlebox she had ever cracked. Once cracked though, she came into a possession of an old map, that had been written on skin and a note that simply read "You're our only hope. Help us." Wrapped in the note were her parents wedding bands.  

After some research, and money, she was able to learn where she needed to go, only to end up in a place called the "Hidden Jungle".


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Adriana Lima