Character Details - Evan Airell

Written by HelenCreated : 29-Dec-2005 3:10:49 pm
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Name: Evan Airell
Age: 44
Height: 6'7
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Evan is the Lord of the Airell estates, a title he inherited ten years ago at the death of his father. Currently a widower, he lost his wife and son in a vicious storm which was caused by the land sickness - lightning felled a tree and crushed the pair who were trying to ride home. He has an eighteen year old daughter, however she was called into service at the Temple of Arminea and he has not seen her for two years.

Evan's father was neutral on the subject of Elven rulers over human lands - the former Lord Airell was of the opinion if they kept their noses out of day to day buisness and didn't try to interfere in matters which could be easily sorted out between the Lords then whoever was on the throne was welcome to it. Evan is still divided on the issue.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Eric McCormack