Character Details - Eleri Aslora

Written by FluteCreated : 29-Dec-2005 2:21:13 am
Last Edited : 12-Mar-2006 8:45:22 am


Physical description
Height : 5'1
Weight : 100 pounds
Build : Petite
Hair : Red
Eyes : Acorn brown
Age : Looks to be about 19
Scent :
Dressing : A short piece of cloth tied around her waist with another piece of cloth covering her breast tied behind her back
Accessories : None
Piercings : None
Scars : A circular scar on her right palm
Martial Status : Single

Special Abilities
As a dryad, Eleri is able to shift into young oak trees for a short period of time. She is also able to communicate with trees and encourage them to do her will. She does not portal but is able to travel to any place that has trees by fusing herself into the heart of a tree.


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Sasha Barrese