Character Details - Taury Griaule

Written by Justin RainCreated : 28-Dec-2005 11:16:34 pm
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Basic Characteristics

Height: 5'11

Hair: Brown with blonde highlights

Eyes: gray/green

Age:  1,412

Distinguishing marks:  Golden Scales on Wrists

Jewelry:  None at this time

Children:  One daughter Katrina currently held captive by her father Lucien. 

 Smell;  Earthy smells of Dirt, moss, and gardens

Soul Color:  Gold

Basic History;

Taury is G'dens niece.  She knew her uncle when she was very tiny, and then Lucien Sorm invaded and raped her mother.  She fled and hid in a tree with the help of Lucien's body guards.   When Lucien left her mother fled the world with her daughter.  She unfortunately however passed out when entering Terra in the 1800's.   Taury walked for help, and found a farmer and his wife.  They couldn't understand her language, and didn't know what she wanted.  They however quickly learned to love her, and adopted her as their own, raising her with a brood of children.   It was a pleasant life, but when Taury ceased to age, and her siblings did, she began to remember the things that happened to her at the age of three.  She went out and began searching for her mother.  It didn't go so well, and eventually she was recaptured by Lucien due to some very bad timing.  Lucien didn't recognize her as the child he'd captured, but treated her as he does all women, raped her, abused her, and eventually got her pregnant.  He holds the child to keep Taury in submission.  He also uses drugs. 

When Taury gave birth to her daughter she quickly was forced into using magic again.  This woke the dragon inside her.   If it weren't for the fact she doesn't know where her daughter is, she would leave Lucien forever.  When the drugs leave her she wants to search, when the drugs are in her, she submits to the wishes of whoever orders her.   

Lucien will soon sell her to a human on Catheska.  This will eventually resolve in her being able to be freed, and begin the search for her daughter...provided Lucien doesn't kill her daughter first. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Erica Durance