Character Details - Bhayne Ceanadach

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Name: Bhayne Ceanadach
Age: 45
Race: Whispin/Corinian Human
Station: Lord of House Ceanadach
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 250 Terran pounds, or just over 17 Stone
Eyes: Hazel green
Hair: Almost ebony with shots of deep deep red in the sunlight
Marital Status: Single by choice

History -

Bhayne's father, Lord Riven, was a long-time, staunch ally to King Derwin. Riven married a girl three decades younger than him, a daughter of House Wyvern, an aunt to Lord Gardor and as such, died of old age while Bhayne was barely in his twenties, his teens by Terran Human standards. The new Lord Bhayne, while young, began reviving old trade bonds with the Nomads of the Obsidian Basin, and in current times, House Ceanadach is the first point of contact between Corin Lords with stallions and the Nomads, who with rare exceptions, are the only people in possession of the mares. His dealing with the Nomads is one based on honor and honesty, and Lord Bhayne keeps meticulous breeding records. His House is reknown for its Obsidian Stallions, its millitia strength (cavalry) and the meat and leather of the native Herdbeasts. Bhayne has the connections and close ties, after years of trustworthy dealings with the Nomads, that many Lords come to him, to ask him to negotiate the stud fees.

He is single by choice, after witnessing the heartbreak of his distant cousin and close friend, Gardor Wyvern, and when he does marry, he has no intention of marrying for any reason aside from needing an heir.

Personality -

For the most part, Bhayne has an antiquated sense of manners, tends to be quiet and almost brooding in mixed company, but is open and loud around male companions. He isn't wild about attending big social functions, and it takes a great deal of coersion to get him to attend one.

Weapons strength -

Bhayne's House millitia is famous for its strength, and Bhayne is no exception. He trains with his own men, occassionally shares their barracks, and has been known to eat his meals with them. He is proficient with a lance or sword, usually a Ranger style weapon, which has a narrower blade than bastard-swords. This type of weapon can be used from horseback with ease.

Appearance: Due to the nature of his 'work', Bhayne is usually found dressed no different from his servants. Fine garments simply don't hold up when dealing with 'cattle' and traveling into the Basin. When he is coerced into attending a function or celebration, he is usually in his House colors - dark, charcoal grey and crimson. He wears traditional cavalry armour with ease, and seems just as comfortable in chain-maile as he is in linen. His hair is usually of medium length and is loosely curled.

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