Character Details - Danielle (Fae) Windsinger

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Name: Danielle
Age: Unknown
Race: Fae, Fairy
Hair: Long, brownish blonde
Eyes: Emerald

Married to Jared Windshinger, Aran (King) of the Aarataure

Danielle is slender and stands about 5’2” or so she claims.

Before she found herself on Elemmiire, Danielle loved to roam the woods and had her home hidden there on Merlin. She would venture out on occasion to see what changes have occurred in her world and others.

She has no memory of who her parents were or if she has siblings. Her only companion is a little gray mouse, which has always been with her. As far as she knows she has never been in love or married.  She , like Aspen Hawk are one of the few who left the safety of N'dor Vanwa Alu on Merlin, where the other Fae that are of her family and or group live in seculsion.

She has visited various lands and even made the mistake of visiting Terra once. Something she will never do again.

She has some magic in that she can cause things to disappear and on occasion has made a person or two who upset her to never be seen again. Now, I’m not saying she has a temper, you just don’t want to get her mad.

She can give the appearance of being childlike but within that body and mind is a woman just waiting to be noticed and her little friend is no longer able to control her or what happens.  But he bound to stay with her as her guardian. 

Time has now passed and Danielle has fallen in love with Jared Windsinger.  He is the king who rules the Aarataure on Elemmiire.  She had only gone to visit Ostohelyanwe for a wizard's fair  to only be there for  short time. Now, she has choices to make that may change her life forever... 

And her choice was to marry Jared. 

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