Character Details - Angus Mcfarlan

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Name: Angus Mcfarlan (NPC)

Age: Unknown

Height: 7' 0"

Weight: 340 lbs

Hair: Short Pepper Gray

Eyes: Grayish Blue

Skin color: A dark faded gray, like granite.

Angus has never spoken of his past, or where he was from, only stating that he had traveled far. But if ever asked he would sit you down and tell you his tale.

He came from Crystll, a world of ice and snow, where sharp cold winds howl down from the snow covered mountain peaks, where there is only one season, Winter. Crystll is a harsh, cold world where the weak die young and the strong survive. Water flows freely under the snow and ice, stopping to form lakes over hot ports of steam from underground lava flows. Most of the cities and towns have grown over and around the hot springs, structures built from stone, mortar and wood. Large thick walls keep the heat in while keeping the cold out, with well built ducts that heat the air throughout each room. Cold ducts can be opened to cool a hot room, or a steam duct can be opened to warm a cooled room.

One such city, Isshard is the capital city where Angus once called home. As a young man he helped his father with the wild herds of large elephant like creatures called Golths, creatures bred to drag large wooden sleds that were always being filled with wood and supplies from near by forests. Golths are fur bearing creatures that shed their skins once every year, during the first equinox. Their furs are used to make blankets, clothing, boots, hats and gloves. They grazed on starch grass, a weed that survives the harsh cold. They sprang up thick, their edges sharp with bluish silver blades in large patches that sometimes could be seen as far as the eye could see. A wild weed that grew knee tall with each herd that grazed, so the Golth’s were always being moved from one valley to the next, to keep the starch grass from being eaten down to their roots.

Angus hated the cold, always complaining to the gods that his people worshiped. One such god became tired of hearing him, and during the coldest night of the year came down to talk to the young man with the warm heart, for the god had never met such a man. Coming to his home, dressed as a wanderer, for there was always someone wandering from city to city, looking for work.

“Tell me Angus,” the god asked, “Why do you hate the cold? It is as much a part of you as…breathing. The cold has made you strong, and you’ve grown into a strapping young man. You may have had a hard life, but it has been a good life. There are no wars no battles for something another man may have for everyone here is equal. This world has provided for you since the day you took your first breath. Yet you mock the gods and call out their names in anger. Where does this anger come from?”

Angus went on to explain that it was not the cold that bothered him, but the world itself. He was said to say that no matter where he goes, he still sees the same thing, ice and snow. He can look to the east, towards the rising sun and see snow, to the south ice, to the west, snow capped mountains, and the north were the seven frozen lakes that divided the world.

“If you’ve seen one snow capped mountain, one ice covered forest, one frozen sea, you’ve seen everything. And I can see it all from my bedroom window. Nothing changes, not the seasons, or the sky. Everything is the same. Even the people are the same. If not for our faces that peak out from our hoods we would not know who is staring back at us. We all dress the same, eat the same meals, and build the same cities…”

The god waved his hand, stopping Angus from repeating himself. “So tell me, should the gods change the man, or should the world change for him?”

During this time magic was something that had no meaning, for no one used or had ever heard such a word. Angus sat there and thought for the longest time, while the god sat across from him waited for an answer. At last Angus leaned forward and pointed up. “There is a vast sea of stars that come out at night, so many in fact that I’ve sat near my window and tried to count them all. If I had the ability to walk amongst them, to see how other worlds live and thrive, maybe then I would not be so hasty in angering the gods. Our gods I believe are just and fair, but wouldn’t you think they too are growing weary of seeing the same thing time and time again. I fear that they have become accustomed to the cold, and no longer wish to see this world change, for chance is something few people wish to grasp. Me, I want to grasp it and hold on for dear life, for change can be a good thing.”

The god agreed. “Then you shall have your wish Angus, but it comes with a heavy price. In order to visit the stars your heart must become as hard as the land you call home. This does not mean you’ll be a cruel man, but you will retain this world’s heart within you. With this wish come powers, powers that can change you, or make you stronger. Now you have a choice to make. Remain here with a warm heart, or see the stars with a cold one.”

Angus did not think twice. He soon became a wanderer, a man with no world, a man with a heart of ice. He grew into a large man, built tall, and strong, his skin the color of granite, with broad shoulders, long arms that are large and muscular. With a rock hard stomach and legs the size of small tree trunk, he is a force to be reckoned with. 

A quiet man, he came to Whispin after a long and weary travel to the Amherst Castle when Dane returned from being a page. He was given the position of Swords master, after defeating Lord Argus Amherst, Dane's father, in a battle of wit and swordsmanship.

Standing 7' tall, flat footed, he stood over Dane like a great oak, always in control of any situation. A soft spoken man, he has a soft side for the ladies, but has never taken a lover or wife.

His abilities are that of his home world, able to use the powers of ice and snow. He’s able to forge Silver Ice, ice as strong as the finest steel into any weapon he cares to make, from a sword to a staff, a near unbreakable force. Only he can hold the weapons, for if anyone tried without protection from its cold grip, they would be turned into ice. Even a simple touch from his weapon has been known to immobilize anyone without the magic or ability to fight its frosty touch.

His natural abilities give him the powers to withstand harsh weather an intense heat, but he cannot withstand balefire, his one weakness. No one, not even him knows his true age. He believes he’ll live as long as his world remains frozen.

Since the death of Lord Dane, and his freedom from prison, Angus has once again taken up wandering the world of Whispin. A man once accused of murder, he now feels the need to help any and all who in his eyes are innocent.

The cause is just, the payment fills his heart with hope. 

He's now resting in Sargasso, spending his fre time at the  Sword and Anchor Tavern.

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Lou Ferrigno