Character Details - Quinn Bryer

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Quinn Bryer

Height:   6’0
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Icy Blue
Age:   2,150 or so
Distinguishing marks:  Pixie wings always visible unless in a world where it would endanger him to show them.   Bondmark; of  a forest green rose, and a fiery heart above his heart This represents his bonding to Rhiannon.  He also sports a Neuth'Ra bond mark on his right clavicle

Jewelry:  None

Children:  He is expecting a child with Rhiannon, a girl although they don't know the sex yet. 

Smell;  Roses, and the moss he farms with.  A earthy fresh smell. 

Soul;  Swirling irridescent colors of the rainbow looking somewhat similar to the inside of a abalone shell, with tendrils of periodot green entwining itself into it represent Rhiannon Ktral Bryer

Occupation;   Second in Command in Justin’s Cloud, and one of Justin’s closest friends.  He was Kerrigan's best friend before he chose to go to Garden leaving the Edeyo clan behind.  The two have seen each other little since the Edeyo's were brought back, but he hopes to renew that acquaintance at some point. 

He is a well qualified archer as a result, and highly respected amongst his people.    He helped fight in the battle at laer although was not written there.   He has been out travelling some, but prefers his farm along Lake Loraine.   An avid fisherman he spends much time on the water in a boat catching salmon for his people.   On land he specializes in raising moss for the pixies equivalent of diapers.  Its not a flattering job, but someone has to do it.   He is the clan leader of his family, and as a result the village head of Lake Loraine village.   He has not married, but has dallied with several women.  For reasons that he does not fully understand he never bonded.   The reason for this however is he never truly let his heart get involved.   For a pixie bond to work he has to love with all of his being, and something has always held Quinn back.  Quinn has never gotten further then second in command as he has a tendancy to call a spade a spade a little bit too often.  

At the request of Kerrigan, Quinn offered to heal Kerrigan's mother-in-law.  He had no idea what he was getting into.  AFter a long verbal sparring match, and a little bit of help in the healing department from the Weaver.  Quinn eventually gave into what the gods knew was inevitable his bonding with Rhia.  His head is still spinning about this, and he quickly made a marriage with her, and knows life will never be dull again. 

Quinn has all the pixie gifts.  Empathy, Telepathy etc.   For more info please see the Garden mythos pages. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Chris Pratt