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Physical Description:

Height: 5”4”

Hair: Long blonde, curly highlights of copper

Eyes:  Almond shaped hazel with a hint of violet

Weight: 125 lbs

Age: Looks to be 23

Human/1/2 Telmae – The Silver Elf


Markings:  Because of that small amount of Telmae elf Deirdre skin sometimes looks like there is a silver tint to it when she is bright light.  She also tries to conceal the leopard markings that appear on the side of her face to her ankles.  Her parents never explained to her as a child why she has these markings.  And she never noticed them on her mother who kept them concealed.

Traits:  Because she is half Telmae that Deirdre appears to be on the quiet side. She also prefers being where it is cool, which is difficult considering where she lives on Whispin, but the cool breezes that come in from the Bay of Tears provides her the comfort she is always seeking.


Her Mother Lady Enid:

She died supposedly from an unknown illness when Deirdre was ten years old.  It was later she discovered that her mother had a recluse of sorts and it had been the heat that killed her.  Being Telmae, and with the markings of a leopard on the sides of her face that covered her sides to her ankles she stayed hidden in the castle keeping  her identity as close a secret as she could manage and to avoid the Corin humans.  She kept her spots hidden. Her race is reclusive. As to why Lord Deron Grey married her, without his father’s consent,  she was an empath/telepath, so she was able to read other people for him.

Her father, Lord Deron Grey:

Was awarded the Castle Grey and the lands surrounding during SE, a few Lords died  and even though he didn’t fully support the king he had served him well enough to be given the land for services rendered well.

He had a couple of ships that he used to transport goods for the other Lords.  He also had those who lived on his land work for him by building some boats for the other Lords to purchase. 

Lord Grey was deeply in debt to Lord Gravnor, and Deirdre will soon find out had offered her as payment along with the lands if Lord Gravnor proved his worth.  the papers were drawn up, signed and seal.  Gravnor has one set, and somewhere amongst Lord's Grey's paper is another set.

Lord Grey also had to pay the men who built the ships and he also maintained a small garrison of men to protect his coastline and main border points of his land. The land alone is valuable because of its coastline even though it leads into Lord Wyvern’s cove.

He had sent Deirdre away after his wife’s death, off world to be trained in the proper ways of being a Lady. He had Lord Gravnor deliver her for him.

Her father never called for Deirdre’s return when she became of marrying age.   He appeared to not want her around as he was hoping to find another wife and sire a son.  It didn’t happen.  He seemed to be sterile, for it wasn’t from the lack of trying.


Deirdre had been sent to live off world, in a cooler climate, with an unknown family to those on Corin. The only concession her father  ever made for his daughter’s welfare.

Deirdre was taught in the ways of being a young lady and the wiles of a woman. She learned to read and write and excelled in numbers.

She also wheedled her way into talking the Lord and Lady McClellan to let her learn the skills of horseback riding, wielding a sword, and she was found several times taking their son down and beating the holy heck out of him.

Lord McClellan had soon picked up on one of her skills, the ability of seeing both sides to a negotiation, or issues.  He kept her at his side as he met with the gentry and other Lords and some of the lesser kings.  Her uncanny ability of sensing what both sides were thinking gained him vast amounts of monies and land.  He would watch for her nods of yes and no as he grilled his guests with questions.

She was 14 when she fell in love with the young man she had been taking down.  But the McClellan’s had already set other plans in motion, for an alliance that would bring them even more wealth and he was soon married to a young woman of his parents choice.  He told her things would be fine.  She thought other wise and fortunately or unfortunately however one looks at it she got word to return home.

Lord Garvnor retrieved her from the off world home that she had grown to love.  On returning home, at the age of twenty, she found it was for a funeral.  Her father’s. He had been found dead, in bed, with some woman, it could have been murder but no one discussed it with her.

A few years have now passed.  Deirdre has been wading her way through the badly kept records of her father. 

Her father’s Steward, had proved useless in telling her who her father was affiliated with.  Was it the King or not?  He would only shake his head.  Did he align himself with the elves?  “Well, my Lady,” he said, “your mother was purported to be half elf.” 

Frustrated from the lack of communication and being kept from her father’s records and books, she confronted him one on one, blade in hand, and told him in very unladylike terms that he could find employment elsewhere.  He left, but not without filling his pockets first.

Now, which way should she go?  For or against the King. Had her father at any time promised her hand in marriage for any alliances.  Where are the papers for this, if so?

What would be the best alliance for her?  How can she meet some of these neighboring Lords?  She has all this to weigh.

She appears to have no living male relative, but alludes to a distant Uncle, never giving a last name when asked.  Assuring anyone who questions her that she “must check with him.”  

Now, about three years have passed.  Lord Garvnor will come forth with his papers. The question to her will be why did he wait so long to come forth and why should she honor it.

Lady Gray is not going to be happy.  She has not found anything in her father’s papers or diaries that indicates that she is to marry this man, whom she did look on a s friend of her father’s and someone who had taken her to the family she had lived with and had retrieved her.  

She knows she is supposed to honor the agreement.  But she doesn’t want too.  She only has her Castellan, Hamish McHaden to discuss things with and he is unaware of the agreement.  Hamish has taken over the garrison and overseas the building of small boats that are sold to buyers.  The shipping business is picking up due to the skills of Lady Grey in managing monies and McHaden ability to appease those that are working for Lady Grey.

Castle Grey is built overlooking the Bay of Tears.  A good location…for the right price and alliance.

Marriage to Lord Wyvern:
Lady Grey received an invitation from Lord Wyvern to come and visit him.  She accepted.  In a way she was running from the agreement her father had made and running to Lord Wyvern for help and to consider the offer he made of a marriage of covenience.  Instead, she fell deeply in love with the Lord.  She saw his gentle and carrying side, she saw his side of where he got drunk with his men but most of all she saw him as the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.


NPC Characters that can be found at Castle Grey

The Castellan:  Hamish McHaden.

Height: 6’

Hair:  Reddish brown with gold highlights

Eyes:  Bright blue

Weight: 160 lbs

Age: 45


Hamish, is in charge of the workings around Castle Grey.  He overseers a small group of soldiers who had been under Lord Grey.  Hamish is very closed mouth as to why they are there and what plans Lord Grey had for them.

Companion/Lady-in-waiting:   Shannon McHaden. 

Height: 5”3”

Hair: Reddish blonde hair

Eyes:  Green

Weight: 125 lbs

Age: 35


Shannon is Hamish’s sister.  After the funeral for her father Deirdre realized she did not wish to travel alone through the neighboring lands or even to Corin. 

Seeking out Hamish after telling her father’s other steward, who had been in charge of the household staff and all his funds to leave, she asked him if he knew of a reputable woman who might wish to work for her. 

He suggested that maybe his sister could fill the position as her husband had passed in the earthquake and she had not sought or agreed to remarry.

Shannon, is the opposite of her brother.  Outspoken when necessary, she is not afraid to tell Deirdre what she thinks about the other Lords and Ladies that she is familiar with. 

Deirdre has found her to be an intelligent woman and is thinking of teaching her how to help with the household accounts. 

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