Character Details - Crystin Talacharn

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Name: Crystin Talacharn (TAL-a-KARN)
Race: Corinian Human
Age: 55 at time of Hells Fire.
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Slim
Hair: Chestnut with deep red streaks.
Eyes: Pale blue
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: Three - Griffith, Eoin (deceased) and Rowena

Crystin was born in Castle Conchobhair, on the west coast of the Kingdom of Corin, daughter of Diarmuid and Beibhinn Conchobhair. She was married at seventeen to Arwel Talacharn, Lord of a neighbouring estate and enjoyed a happy married life.

When she was forty-seven years old, Crystin's husband and middle son, Eoin, died in a shipwreck on The Sisters off the coast of Corin during a storm, leaving her oldest son, Griffith as Lord Talacharn.

Like all humans of Whispin, Crystin has a denser musculature than those of Terra resulting from the heavy gravity of the planet. She has learnt the art of swordplay, as is common among the daughters and wives of the Lords, though they are never called upon to go to war. It is, however, considered wise for a woman to know how to defend herself. Corin is a harsh environment politically and the Lords often squabble amongst themselves. She is also familiar with boats and the sea because of the coastal site of the family home and their interest in shipping.

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