Character Details - Rowena Talacharn

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Name: Rowena Blythe Talacharn (ro-WEE-na BLIEDH TAL-a-KARN)
Meaning of Name: Fame and Joy - Cheerful - ?
Race: Corinian Human
Rank: Corinian Lady
Age: 19 at time of Orb of Mysteries.
Hair: Chestnut with deep red streaks.
Eyes: Storm Grey
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Slim
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing: Rowena usually favours simple gowns in rich shades of blue and green. However, she will often wear more practical garments, including trousers, when on the water.

Marital Status: Betrothed to Bhayne Ceanadach
Bonds: None
Children: None

Personality: Rowena is young and lively, chafing occasionally at the boundaries imposed upon her by virtue of her gender and class. Despite her spirited nature and quickfire temper, however, she is generally a kind-hearted girl who thinks the best of others.

Abilities: Like all humans of Whispin, Rowena has a denser musculature than those of Terra resulting from the heavy gravity of the planet. She has learnt the art of swordplay, as is common among the daughters of the Lords, though they are never called upon to go to war. It is, however, considered wise for a woman to know how to defend herself. Corin is a harsh environment politically and the Lords often squabble amongst themselves. She is also familiar with boats and the sea because of the coastal site of the family home and their interest in shipping. This connection is rumoured to be enhanced by the Merkin blood of one of her ancestors, and it is certainly true that Talacharns are more comfortable on water than they are on land.

Weapons Used: Dagger, Rapier

Other Information: Rowena Talacharn was born in Castle Talacharn, on the west coast of the Kingdom of Corin, daughter and youngest child of Arwel and Crystin Talacharn. A remote part of the coast, the family has for the most part used this as an excuse to keep themselves to themselves, having no particular interest in court intrigue. Loyal to the King, they have nevertheless acquired something of a reputation, being considered little better than pirates in some quarters, and it is certainly true that they have quite close links with several individuals of disreputable character.

When she was eight years old, Rowena's father and brother, Eoin, died in a shipwreck on The Sisters off the coast of Corin during a storm, leaving her oldest brother, Griffith as Lord Talacharn.

Little Known Facts:
  • Rowena's nickname, given to her by her eldest brother Griffith, is 'frith teine' (little fire).

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